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Microform Collections

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Microforms are used as a means of archiving materials because of size and integrity. Microfilm and microfiche are the two most popular archival media of the twentieth century. This library has used microfilm for back issues of periodicals and newspapers. Most of our microfiche contain monograph sets or closed serial sets rather than serial subscriptions. Identify titles and accession numbers of microform sets in the database below.

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This database contains records of numbered microform sets (microfilm, microfiche, or microprint) held by the Harvey A. Andruss Library. It should be viewed as a work in pgrogree, as some tiles have yet to be added and some titles have not been assigned subject headings.


The library holds more than 2,000,000 microforms (aka microtext). Each of the types within the microforms "family" (see below) is a reduced photographic image of a page. Microform readers or reader/printers must be used to magnify the text.


The Andruss Library purchases microfilm for back runs of many of its periodicals and newspapers, and most of these are 35mm microfilm reels. The reels are arranged alphabetically by publication title in cabinets to the right of the Circulation Desk. Numbered microfilm series follow those filed by title.


A typical microfiche is a 4" x 6" sheet of film. Andruss acquires these for storage of reports, documents, and older books. Taking advantage of its space-saving characteristic, this library contains many large microfiche collections, e.g. ERIC, which contains several hundred thousand documents of interest to educators.
Microfiche sets are in numbered series that follow the microfilm.


While fiche and film are transparent, microprint is an opaque medium and is seldom used by publishers today. Readex Microprint, which comprises the bulk of this collection, measures roughly 9" X 5 7/8". These are shelved in compact storage near the Juvenile & Young Adult Collection on the Second Floor. Opaque microcards are roughly 3" X 5" and are filed in cabinets preceding the microfiche on the First Floor.


The library provides several readers and reader/printers for both microfilm and microfiche. There is a single reader/printer for microprint. All machines are on the First Floor

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