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    The American Bulletin was a American pro-Nazi newsletter, which echoed the foreign and domestic policy of the Third Reich.  From bitter denunciations on the Jews to calls for a stronger national government in line with the traditions of the "Nordic race," the newsletter focused on paranoid accusations, charging that the government was under the direct control of Jews.  Combining this rhetoric with attacks upon Communists, the American Bulletin claimed itself to be the true representative of the working class--but only the white working class, of course.  

     The opening salvo of the paper rails against the trial of Raymond J. Healey by a Jewish Judge.  Healey, who had a colorful, though short, career as a right-wing demagogue, was arrested in Camden, NJ in August, 1933 for inciting a riot and again in June of 1935.  A member of both the Khaki Shirts of America and the Nationalist Socialist Workers' Party, Healey also appeared as a witness to the murder of Antonio Fierro in December, 1934.  During his testimony, he boasted that he was a "Hitler," causing an uproar.  The New York Times referred to him as the "Brooklyn 'Hitler,'" no doubt stoking what already appears to have been an oversized ego.    

     The collection of American Bulletin begins after his conviction on July 16, 1935, and continues through July 14, 1936.  The collection is sporadic, containing ten individual weekly editions.  Each individual newsletter averages about ten pages and contains a range of articles providing news through the eyes of Nazi ideology. 

     The files are provided in pdf format and may load slowly.  They are provided for viewing purposes only and, therefore, printing has been disallowed as a security measure. 


  • July 16, 1935

  • This edition begins by contending that the government of the United States is controlled by "the hidden hand of Judah," which manipulated the judicial proceedings of Raymond Healey. Also addressed is a recent Soviet Pact, the perceived pernicious influence of the Catholic Church, supposed plagiarism by Einstein, the threat of a communist uprising, accusations of a Jewish plot to confiscate the private property of citizens, and also a Jewish plot against the Stuyvesant Policlinic.  Also, an admonition is included to buy from Gentiles, rather than from Jews.   
  • August 14,1935

  • This edition contains articles describing a secret Jewish murder society, urging Americans to support nationalism over communism, declaring that Americans do not enjoy "true liberty" because science has proven that all men are not created equal, advocating the economic structure of Nazi Germany over capitalism, supporting "true democracy," decrying the "Jew Deal," and denouncing Republicans, Hoover, and Masonry.  Albert Pike, a Confederate General in the Civil War, is singled out as a "reprobate" because of his support for Masonry. 
  • August 21, 1935

  • The newsletter begins with a vehement denunciation of Governor Curley of Massachusetts who described the "religious persecution" of Germany as contrary to the "opinion and views of Americans generally"--apparently, the Governor failed to consult anti-Semitic newsletters in considering American views.  Additionally, the edition describes President Roosevelt as a Communist, assails Governor Earle of Pennsylvania, urges peace in religious affairs between England's Catholics and Protestants (in the name of Aryan unity), denounces Justice Brandeis of the Supreme Court, supports "No Jews Wanted" signs on businesses, and condemns Italy for allowing a Jew to serve as Commander-in-Chief.  Ironically, the author criticizes the use of concentration camps by the Italians and accuses them of brutality against the natives.
  • September 4, 1935
    This edition addresses the "plowing under of crops" during the New Deal, claiming that it was a means of starving out the opposition.  Articles also focus on arguing the AFL must expel Jews to solve its problems with Marxism, extolling the discovery of the Kensington Stone as proof of Nordic expeditions in North America, fighting the destruction of crops while children are undernourished, accusing the "super-powers" of planning a second world war, and hoping that the nationalist forces of England and the United States succeed.
  • September 18, 1935
    The main article in this edition is the assassination of Huey Long and its purported origins as a Jewish plot.  Another important theme is promoting the idea that our Constitution is of Jewish origin, and, therefore, an instrument of the Jews in subjecting America through Jewish Freemasonry.  Extended analysis is given to the press treatment of the murder, which is interpreted as character assassination.  In particular, the sympathy of the press with the assassin is noted and the fact that he was shot down by Long's bodyguards.  The fear of dictatorship by Long is addressed--and welcomed, even though he did not support the Nazi agenda.  Further articles address the Italian-Ethiopian question and a proposed Jewish legion.  

  • October 6, 1935
    The edition begins by complaining that Americans have a misconception of liberty and criticizing democracy in general.  Instead, nationalism is promoted as an alternative to "international dogmas" which solve nothing.  Furthermore, the newsletter argues against war and foreign intervention in the case of Italy, considering war a Jewish plot.  Distinctions are made between Communism and National Socialism, such as the emphasis of the latter on healthy families and opposition to class warfare.  Also, an article is posted against mixed education of the races and a series of quotations are laid out as evidence that the Jews are the agents of revolutionary Bolshevism.  

  • April 7, 1936
    The news in this edition advances a theory that Bruno Hauptmann, the convicted murderer of the child of Charles Lindbergh, was himself the victim of a Jewish ritual death in anticipation of Passover.  The promotion of immigration by Jews to the United States is unfavorably addressed.  A theme of this edition is the heritage of Germanic groups, with both the origins of the Anglo-Saxons and of the Easter holiday being explored.  Also, an article advocates the complete subordination of the states to the national government.

  • May 18, 1936
    This edition begins by claiming that Jews are seeking to drain both the capitalists and the workers of their wealth, with a quote from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as evidence.  The problem of the workers is held to be the scourge of international communism, which unnaturally seeks to break down the impregnable barriers between the races, who should return to their natural environment.  The author also perceives a threat from a declaration from Leon Blum, a French socialist, in favor of a single European state, something to which Germany will never accede.  An investigation of the Talmud is begun.  Finally, the use of anesthesia by doctors during childbirth is denounced as "Jewish" meddling in nature.    


  • July 7, 1936
    In this edition, the newsletter disavows that it is conservative in orientation, but instead revolutionary.  The two main parties are denounced as the "manifestation of the Jew-Communistic force," and the revolution against this force will culminate in the establishment of an idealized future for the Aryan race.  The paper also accuses Congressman Dickstein of conniving against Robert Edmondson.  Other articles include a contention that Freemasonry is a Jewish conspiracy and that the Jews aided British chemical warfare during World War I.  Also, the American Bulletin condemns the League of Nations as nothing more than a forum to keep Germany weak and encircled, and a Jewish invention which is losing control over the world as nations "regain consciousness."  The remainder treats the sad destruction of forests by greedy men and ensuing drought, the economic miracle of Germany, the "tragedy" of Aryan women in relationships with Jewish men, and denouncing a radio announcer for belittling Christmas.  


  • July 14, 1936
    The Independent Order of B'nai B'rith is assailed as a Jewish conspiracy, which fomented the Russian Revolution.  The paper also attacks Reverend Birkhead for condemning fascist and nationalist groups in the United States.  The Edmondson case is held up as evidence that Americans are "awakening" to the "Jewish threat," as are statements made by the Governor of Georgia, who declares the United States to be a "white man's country."  The newsletter also extols the new German-Austrian pact as a pillar of stability for Europe and declares that the Jews are in control of both the Republican and the Democratic campaigns. Furthermore, American Zionism is declared to be a conspiracy and proves that Jews cannot be Americans because they care more for Palestine than for America.  The author also connects the phenomenon of prostitution and organized crime with Jewry, claiming that Jews see Gentiles as less than human.    



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