One of the most influential of the publications in the group was Counterattack, which sought to provide the average American with "facts to combat communism."  Founded by former FBI agents and published by American Business Consultants, Counterattack attempted to elucidate examples of communist activity within the United States, failures of the government to protect against communists, and to rally troops against communism.  Even Time magazine reported on the resignation of "Mr. Counterattack" and spokesman for the publication, Ted C. Kirkpatrick.  Time recognizes the most significant action of Counterattack as the publication of the Red Channels, a report on purported communist control in the media.


     By arousing popular awareness, Counterattack attempted to influence politics by uniting anticommunists in letter-writing campaigns, counter-protests against communists, and supporting legislation, such as the Nixon-Mundt Bill.  Throughout its storied career, Counterattack was itself constantly on the defense against accusations of libel after the publication of Red Channel.  As former FBI agents, the staff of Counterattack had access to FBI files on potential subversive activity and the files of the House Un-American Activities Committee.  With this material, they published the names of members of the media who appeared and the number of times that they appeared, without accusations. Through such tactics, the publication gained attention and notoriety. 


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Updated 10/25/18