The Second Trial for the Murder of Alexander W. Rea.

    These next articles are much longer than those of the murder and first trial.  This is also the first time the term "Mollie Maguire" is used in relation to the murder and men on trial.  The trial was huge event in the history of Bloomsburg and people packed the Court room everyday to try and catch every event of the trial.  These articles start on November 11, 1876 with the arrest of Patrick Hester, Patrick Tully, Peter McHugh and Michael Graham and end on October 5, 1877 with an article concerning the appearance of the three before the State Supreme Court.


The Williamsport Sun and Lycoming Democrat November 11, 1876 to February 28, 1877.

The Pottsville Miners' Journal February 9, 1877 to May 11, 1877.

The Columbian and Democrat November 17, 1876 to October 5, 1877.

The Columbia County Republican November 16, 1876 to March 3, 1877.





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