The Execution of the Columbia County Mollies

    On March 25, 1878 Patrick Hester, Patrick Tully and Peter McHugh paid the ultimate price for the murder of Alexander W. Rea.  The execution attracted more interest than the trial held over a year before that had condemned the three men.  National papers from big cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and New York were present in Bloomsburg to witness the hanging of the three Mollie Maguires making this a nationally publicized event.  These articles begin earlier in the year with the attempted escape of McHugh and the rejection by the Board of Pardons and end with articles concerning the funerals of the three men.  This also represents that broadest coverage of the event at its climatic end.


The Pottsville Miners' Journal March 1, 1878 to April 5, 1878.

The Columbia County Republican January 10, 1878 to March 28, 1878.

The Columbian and Democrat January 25, 1878 to June 21, 1878.

The Williamsport Sun and Lycoming Democrat March 28, 1878.

Shenandoah Evening Herald October 3, 1877 to January 7, 1878.

The Chicago Tribune March 26, 1878.

Philadelphia Evening Bulletin March 25, 1878.

The New York Times March 25, 1878.


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