1919 War Hero Memorial Pinery
2003 ReDedication Ceremony

Some of the people who made the restoration possible.
Front Row, left to right: Maria Bertoncini, Fred Ackerman, Beth Pennebacker, Brian Campbell, and Erin Norbury.
Back Row: Keith Long, Robert Dunkelberger, Nancy Gentile-Ford, Janelle Hose, Ryan Quinn, and Sara Nogle.

    The rededicated memorial includes six new pine trees to replace those lost over time, sixteen small bronze plaques, each with the name of a student remembered in the Pinery, and two large bronze plaques for the two trees that could not be replaced because of Schuylkill Hall.  The memorial also has paving stones laid out in the shape of a six-pointed star, and four benches for those who wish to reflect in an atmosphere of peace and quiet.


The April 25, 2003 ReDedication Ceremony program.



Brian Campbell serving as Master of Ceremonies.

The men who did the physical work to restore the Pinery
get a well deserved round of applause.


The students during the ceremony.  One of them stood at each corner of the star.



Bloomsburg Mayor Charles "Chip" Coffman, at left, was just one of the many veterans who participated in the ceremony. 
He is seen here standing next to the tree dedicated to the memory of Earle Robbins.

Beth Pennebacker reading a tribute to the former students remembered in the Pinery.  She was just one of many current students who contributed to the work of restoring the memorial. 



Bloomsburg University Professor and military veteran Michael Shepard standing in front of the tree dedicated to John Hodder.

The sound of taps being played on the trumpet ended the ceremony, as the students were remembered one more time,
over 80 years after they sacrificed their lives.


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