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Covered Bridges

Because Columbia and Montour counties are home to over 20 covered bridges the Andruss Library Special Collections contains a concentration of over 40 books on Covered Bridges, mostly in Pennsylvania but including titles from across the United States. 

  Books about Covered Bridges incldue:
The Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania Dutchland
• TG24.P4 H67 1963 “The Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania Dutchland: A Pictorial Presentation,” (1963) by Melvin J. Horst and Elmer Lewis Smith includes captioned photographs of over half the existing covered bridges in Pennsylvania Dutchland.
Pennsylvania's Covered Bridges
• “Pennsylvania’s Covered Bridges: A Complete Guide,” (1993) by Benjamin D. Evans and June R. Evans looks at 221 bridges. Each has at least one photograph, directions to location, year built, name of builder, truss type and number of spans, condition, length, width, and owner. It also includes historic information about Pennsylvania bridges including explanations of the historical and statistical data that is provided.
Historic Highway Bridges of Pennsylvania
• TG24.P4 H57 1986 “Historic Highway Bridges in Pennsylvania,” (1986) by The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania starts with a brief history of Pennsylvania’s state transportation system and is then followed by a history of Pennsylvania bridge building and list of 180 historic highway bridges, which PennDot decided are significant and worthy of preservation. It includes historic records and concentrates on the engineering aspects of bridge building.
The Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania
• TG24.P4 Z33 1994 “The Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania,” (1994) by Susan M. Zacher. With over 200 historical covered bridges, Pennsylvania is home to some of the most beautiful. This book is also a guide that includes historical background, bridge dimensions, construction dates, builders, owners and truss types.
American Covered Bridges
• TG23 .C37 2006 “American Covered Bridges: A Pictorial History,” (2006) by Jill Caravan contains nearly 100 color photographs. It begins in New England then heads to the East Coast and travel westward. This book looks at the unique characteristics of some of Americas most famous covered bridges.
  • TG15 .S5 1954 “The World's Great Bridges,” (1954) by H. Shirley Smith looks at the some of the challenges bridge builders have faced, including natural obstacles, “caisson disease,” and mechanical set backs. Starting with the Romans, Persians and Chinese it continues through the Renaissance era up to 20th century. The book contains nearly 50 photographs and 25 specially made line drawings.
  • TG24.P4 S5 “Historic Bridges of Pennsylvania,” (1966) by William H. Shank begins with the era of the Pennsylvania turnpike, continues through the canal-building period, and then explores some of the great bridge builders. The purpose of this book is to tell the story of the primitive Pennsylvania bridges that paved the way for today’s impressive structures.
  Other titles include:
  • TG23.5 .A4 1970b “Covered Bridges of the South,” (1970) by Allen Richard Sanders
  • TG23.15 .W35 “Covered Bridge Ramblings in New England,” (1959) by C. Ernest Walker
  • TG23 .H3 “Covered Bridges can Talk,” (1963) by Lewis A. Harlow
  • NA8201 .S6 “American Barns and Covered Bridges,” (1954) by Eric Sloane
  • F146.C7 C5 v.1 no.3 “The Covered Bridges of Columbia County, Pennsylvania,” (1962) by Edwin M. Barton
  • HE374 .N3 1980 “World Guide to Covered Bridges,” (1980) by the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges, edited by Richard T. Donovan

All of these title and many more on Covered Bridges are available in the Andruss Library Special Collections, located in the University Archives area on the 3rd floor of the Harvey A. Andruss Library.