Socialist Monthly

     Socialist Monthly was a publication of the Libertarian Socialist League, which posited an ideology which saw itself engaged in struggle against both the Soviet Union and the United States.  Maintaining that the USSR represented a bureaucratic state hostile to the interests of the working class, the Socialist Monthly attacked "both war camps."  The ideology of libertarian socialism resembles that of the Spanish Anarchists during the Spanish Civil War and is also similar to the thought of Bakunin.

     Libertarian socialism is a left-libertarian ideology, which emphasizes the autonomy of the individual, yet seeks to bring him into a communal life, without private property.  Both the state and capitalism are regarded as tools of oppression in the hands of the ruling class.  This radically differs from right-libertarianism, which is most common in the United States, and holds private property in high regard.  

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Updated 8/27/07