Negro Labor News Service

     Negro Labor News Service was a publication which sought to present news from a socialistic and racial point of view.  While not revolutionary, the paper advocated social and economic restructuring that would seem extreme to contemporaries.   

     One of the main luminaries behind the paper was Frank Crosswaith, a political activist and also a major African-American voice.  A Caribbean immigrant, Crosswaith eagerly took to the politics of his adopted land as an advocate for greater equality and democracy.  His political outlook favored a fusion of labor and socialist parties.  However, he was opposed to communism, which he considered to be "a stumbling block in [the socialists'] campaign to organize the Negro population of the United States." 

     Crosswaith, besides acting as an advocate on social issues, also sough to act within politics.  He for several positions in government, including Secretary of State with Norman Thomas, Congressman, Lieutenant Governor, New York City Council, and the President of the Board of Aldermen.  Additionally, he authored The Negro and Socialism

     Other important contributors were Earl Lawson Sydnor, a Black Bostonian poet and James Oneal, an historian and author who wrote The Next Emancipation

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