The Navy and the BSTC

    Thanks to the Civilian Pilot Training (CPT) program, the dedication of the faculty and the Bloomsburg airport the Bloomsburg State Teachers College was an easy pick for the V-5 and the Naval Flight Instructors programs.  This page of the exhibit contains the first contracts that the college entered into with the Navy in 1942 for the CPT program along with a few examples of the applications filled out by the potential CPT/V-5 cadets and the insurance policy that the cadets had while part of the CPT/V-5 program.  The contracts presented here are for the last session of the CPT before it became the V-5 program.  Of note in the contracts is the amount of hours of ground schooling and the number of courses required of the cadets.


CPT Elementary Contract

CPT Secondary Contract

The Cadet's Insurance Policy

Application Examples



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