The Memorial Pinery in 2002


A view looking south, with Schuylkill Hall on the left and Carver Hall in the background.  The flag pole is clearly visible from this direction because of the removal of several trees.  It was originally in the center of the formation.


The flagpole, which has since been repainted, and the boulder.  The smokestack from the Heating Plant towers in the background.


An unwelcome presence in the memorial is a children's playground placed there some years ago, which disturbs the tranquility of the area.  One of the first steps in restoring the Pinery is to remove the playground equipment.


The four trees seen in a row represent, from right: John Ray Kunkel, George Neuberger, Harry Andres, and at far left Walter Page.  Years ago the bottom 20 to 25 feet of branches were removed to allow access to the area. 


Even after 80 years of growth the flag pole still towers up among the trees, and the American flag still flies proudly.


The Pinery from the west, looking up at the railing around a walkway and Schuylkill Hall in the background.


The American Flag, for which all of the memorialized students sacrificed their lives, so that it would continue to represent a free nation.


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Updated 11/7/02