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Tiffany and Stained Glass Windows

IIn recognition of the three Tiffany Windows and four Spence Windows located in the Bloomsburg University library, the Andruss Library Special Collections contains over 40 books with a focus on the art of Louis Comfort Tiffany and Stained Glass Windows.

  Books about Stained Glass Include:
John Piper and Stained Glass
NK5398.P56 O82 1997 "John Piper and Stained Glass," (1997) by June Osborne, a well known author and lecturer on stained glass from the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education. Osborne is one of the first to teach regular classes on the topic of stained glass. In this book she explores how Piper, one of Britain's great artists, came to design stained glass and shows Pipers range of work. It includes over 100 illustrations from all over the world.
Architectural Stained Glass
• NK5306 .A73 "Architectural Stained Glass," (1979) edited by Brian Clarke is a unique book that looks at stained glass as a constructivist, rather than medieval, art form, making it useful for architects. Contributors to the book included some of the world's foremost critics, artists, and scholars on the topic of stained glass. The second half of the book explores some of the most innovative architectural stained glass designs from the US, England, and Germany.
The Narratives of Gothic Stained Glass
• NK5349.A1 K4613 1997 "The Narratives of Gothic Stained Glass," (1997) by Wolfgang Kemp. This book is the first study of stained glass from a narratological standpoint. At the time of publication Kemp was a professor of art history at the University of Hamburg and a scholar of medieval art. Most of this book was written during a guest professorship at Harvard University.
  Other titles include:
  • NK5306 .S68 "Language of Stained Glass," (1981) by Robert Sowers
  • NK5301.C36 C38 1978 "Medieval and Renaissance Stained Glass from New England Collections," (1978) edited and with an introduction by Madeline H. Caviness
  • NK5304 .A7 "Stained Glass: History, Technology and Practice," (1959) by E. Liddall Armitage foreword by Richard Coombs
  • NK5398.J84 A92 1997 "Painting with Light : A Centennial History of the Judson Studios," (1997) by Jane Apostol
  • NK5306 .B76 1994 "Stained Glass: An Illustrated History," (1994) by Sarah Brown
  • BX9211.W554 O457 1998 "First Presbyterian Church of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania: History of the Sanctuary, Stained Glass Windows, and Pipe Organs 1886-1998," (1998) by Robert E. Ogren
  • NK5309.3 .F65 2007 "Art of Light: German Renaissance Stained Glass," (2007) by Susan Foister
  • BR555.P4 A78 2002 "Art of Stained Glass: Church Windows in Northeast Pennsylvania," (2002) edited by Richard W. Rousseau

The Tiffany Windows were purchased in 1920 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bloomsburg State Normal School's first graduating class, and to honor the retirement of David J. Waller, Jr.  The collection also includes book about Tiffany's other various art forms.

Louis Comfort and Laurelton Hall
• N6537.T5 F74 2006 "Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall: An Artist's Country Estate," (2006) by Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen takes the reader inside Laurelton Hall, Tiffany's estate in Oyster Bay, New York. Laurelton Hall, constructed between 1902 and 1905, is known to represent the height of Tiffany's artistic endeavors. Tiffany designed every aspect of the property including architecture, gardens, and interior decorations and accents. With over 350 illustrations this book accompanied the exhibit located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany
• NK5198.T5 C68 1989 "The Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany," (1989) by Vivienne Couldrey explores Tiffany's different art forms and includes a chapter specifically on stained glass. Some of Tiffany's other art forms include lamps, vases, mosaics, jewelry, painting, interiors, metalwork and enamels. Tiffany is especially known for his use of color and work with glass. Couldrey was a novelist and short story writer and former editor of "Collectors World," she specifically writes about Art Nouveau.
  • NK5398.T52 D86 1982 "Tiffany Windows: The indispensable book on Louis C. Tiffany's masterworks," (1980) by Alastair Duncan includes over 230 illustrations of Tiffany's stained glass windows. In addition this book provides text that examines how the glass was made and how the windows were constructed, his critics and international exhibitions, window themes, (including religious and historical figures, landscapes, and ornamental and abstract designs) a partial list of all known Tiffany windows (as of 1980), and much more.
  Exhibition Catalogs of Tiffany Exhibits include:
  • N6537.T5 A4 1981 "Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany," an exhibition organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco from the collection of the Charles Hosmer Morse Foundation from the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, (April 25-August 8, 1981) by Donald L. Stover.
  • NK4210.T53 J64 1975 "Arts of Louis Comfort Tiffany and his times," catalogue of an exhibition lent through the courtesy of the Morse Gallery of Art, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, (February 7-June 1, 1975) from a collection assembled by Hugh and Jeannette McKean
  • NK7198.T5 A4 2006 "Bejewelled by Tiffany, 1837-1987" (2006) edited by Clare Phillips
  • N6537.T5 A4 1958 "Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1848-1933" from an exhibition held at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts of the American Craftsmen's Council, New York, (January 24 - April 6, 1958) by Robert Koch, foreword by Thomas S. Tibbs
  • N6537.T5 A4 2005 "Louis Comfort Tiffany: Artist for the Ages" (2005) by Marilynn A. Johnson; with essays by Michael John Burlingham, and contributions by Michele Kahn and Joan T. Rosasco.

All books in this collection are available in the Andruss Library Special Collections, located in the University Archives area on the 3rd floor of the Harvey A. Andruss Library.