The Straight and Level

    The Straight and Level was the news letter published by the V-5s during their time at BSTC.  The publication was put out every two weeks and included articles by the instructors and the cadets, cartoons by the cadets, editorials by the cadets, articles about the sporting events the cadets took place in, news on previous cadets and relevant Navy, national and world news.  The University Archives has the following issues of the Straight and Level on record; March 15, May 6, May 24, Aug 10, September 1, October 4, November 3 and December 28.  All are from 1943.  The issues from October 4 and November 3 are presented here as an example because of the picture inserts that were present in these issues.

Straight and Level October 4, 1943

Straight and Level November 3, 1943



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