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Student Scrapbooks, 1916-1927


Box 1:
Hilda (Clark) Fairchild, 1916 (kept in oversize)
From Mooresburg, PA, 07/08/1895 - 12/10/1989
Scrapbook includes photographs; images from school publications; color and black and white postcards of Bloomsburg and the normal school; Songs and Yells of B.S.N.S.; and commencement, Ivy Day, May Day, contest, music, literary society reunion and theater programs. Photographs are of students and geology class trips to Lime Ridge and iron mines.

Grace Kathryn (Cleaver) Hartman, 1919
From Elysburg, PA, 09/05/1899 - 07/10/87
Graduate of Bloomsburg State Normal School, she taught for many years in Elysburg, PA.

Scrapbook includes images from school publications and photographs of students, athletic teams, campus buildings and grounds, the countryside around Bloomsburg, family members, World War I soldiers and the mobilization camp at Sea Girt, New Jersey.

Valeria Sypniewski, 1922
From Nanticoke, PA, 10/19/1901 - 02/1982
Included in the scrapbook are mainly photographs, consisting of images from Bloomsburg State Normal School buildings and grounds, friends, the town of Bloomsburg, nature photographs of the surrounding areas, and also a few images from Nanticoke. Along with the photographs, there is also a substantial amount of text on the pages. Not only are the pictures identified, but there are witty comments about the professors, football "yells," and also B.S.N.S. alma mater songs. Also included are personal papers: letters, concert and play programs, and various types of invitations.

Margaret (Eidam) Taylor, 1923
12/27/1903 - 05/27/1963
Graduate of Bloomsburg State Normal School, she taught at Waynesburg Elementary School for 15 years.

Scrapbook includes photographs, sheet music, sports programs, tickets, recital programs, train tickets, and news clippings. Photographs are of the Town of Bloomsburg, campus buildings, students, the countryside around Bloomsburg, Hazleton, athletics, ceremonies, and senior portraits.

Anna W. (Miller) Freyermuth, 1923
From Pittston, PA, 05/03/1904 - 10/1986
Scrapbook includes photographs, programs, grades, schedules, certificates, and mail clippings. Photographs are of campus buildings and grounds, students, and the countryside around Bloomsburg.

Box 2:
Pearl E. Long, 1927
From Bloomsburg, PA, 03/10/1906 - 05/07/1986
Graduate of Bloomsburg State Teachers College, she worked for 30 years as a government stenographer in Washington D.C.

Scrapbook includes photographs, images from school publications, and news clippings. Photographs are of students, faculty, campus buildings and grounds, the countryside around Bloomsburg, family members, trips to Brandywine and the beach, casual poses and senior portraits of Bloomsburg High School (BHS) classmates, BHS Junior Class of 1922 and 40th reunion of BHS Class of 1923 (1963), and the high school building after the October 1923 fire which destroyed it.

Oce Beryl (Williams) Austin, 1927
From Kingston, PA, 11/18/1907 - 07/15/1999
Scrapbook includes tickets, postcards, receipts, clippings, programs, and greeting cards.

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