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Ida G. Wilson Scrapbooks, 1914-1920


Collection includes:
The Girl Graduate, Her Own Book - memory book bound in green leather
BSNS Scrapbook covered in maroon felt with black pages

Ida G. Wilson (Snyder) was born in Bloomsburg January 27, 1902 and graduated from the Bloomsburg State Normal School on June 19, 1918. After graduating she remained in Bloomsburg for a year, possibly as a student teacher. In 1919 she enrolled in the Teachers College at Columbia University in New York City, graduating in the Class of 1921. After graduation she took a job teaching in Hazleton, PA and it was there she met Roy D. Snyder. They were married on July 28, 1923, and in 1925 moved to Bloomsburg where they lived, most recently at 806 East Third Street, until she died on September 3, 1988. Ida and Roy Snyder had four children, all of whom attended the Benjamin Franklin Training School: Richard W. Snyder, James G. Snyder, Roy D. Snyder, Jr., and Nancy L. Snyder McCumber. Ida had very fond memories of her days at "The Normal". She was always very supportive of alumni activities and kept in touch with many of her school friends throughout their lifetimes. The scrapbook begins with items from 1914 and continues through her first year at Columbia Teachers College.

Box 1:
BSNS Scrapbook, 1914-20
    Bloomsburg State Normal School football tickets, 1914-15
    Ida's class schedule at BSNS, 1916-17
    Programs, 1916-19
        Class Night, 1916
        Calliepian Literary Society presents "Quality Street", 1917
        The Junior Drama - "Heartsease", 1917
        The Philologian Society's "The Tempest", 1917
        Bloomsburg High School Senior Drama "Secret Service", 1918
        Demonstration in Physical Education, 1918
        BSNS Demonstration in Physical Education, 1919
        Calliepian Literary Society's "The Romancers", 1919
        Philo Drama: "From the Sublime to 'The Ridiculous'", 1919
            Includes the advertisement with a drawing
        "Philo Public Program", 1919
            Includes some tickets
        Senior Class' "Frieze of the Prophets", 1919
        Columbia Theatre
        Globe Theatre "Apple Blossoms"
        Spirit of Pennsylvania
        Spreading the News - Lady Gregory
        "Revue of Varieties"
    Christmas card, 1917
    Department of Music Recital Program, 1917
    Letter from Miss May H. Jefferson, 1917
    Letter from Edward Tustin Jr. from Fortress Monro, Virginia, 1917
    Calliepian Society Reunion program, 1918
    List of jurors for the week commencing March 18, 1918
    Newspaper articles about Germany signing an Armistice, 1918
    Prices for advertisements of The Obiter, 1918
    Songs and Yells, 1918
        Alma Mater, Siren Yell, Monotone Bloomsburg Normal, Boom-a-Lacka Yell, and Fire Cracker Yell
    Receipt for paying $0.25 for Philologian Literary Society, 1918
    Women's Liberty Loan Committee cutout, 1918
    St. Stephen's Church Program, 1918
    Photograph of 1918 varsity basketball team
    Photograph of 1918 varsity basketball team with names
    Two photographs of 1918 sophomore basketball team
    Photograph of the 1918 male basketball "squad"
    "A Song of Our Flag" written by Wilbur D. Nesbitt, 1918
        Includes a drawing by G. Knoll
    Calliepian Literary Society's 45th anniversary, 1919
        Includes pieces of decorations used and bits of hair
    Invitation to the "May Hop" from the Tau Phi Lambda Fraternity, 1919
    Comic strip with pin saying "Welcome Home Ward 24, Boston"
    Letter from Dr. Daniel S. Hartline, 1919
    "Leap Your Dance", 1919
        Includes list of all the songs played and the "Patroness" with whom she danced each song
    Operator's Certificate, 1919
    State Highway Department certifies that Ida is licensed as an unpaid operator for the year
    Photograph of the YMCA team, 1919
    Senior Dance "Programme", 1919
        Includes list of songs and the type of dance along with who she danced it with
    Invitation to an informal dance at Columbia Park, 1919 (2 invitations)
    List of dancing partners for each song danced, 1919
    Columbia University Teachers College visitor's card of admission, 1919
    StandRoot Dinner Menu, 1919
    Receipt from the Churchwomen's League for Patriotic Service for annual membership, 1920
    "Voici Le Bebe" advertisement
    "The Amazons" Advertisement, 1920
    "A Walk through the Great Temple of Christianity" by Rev. William A. Sunday
    "The Advance" poem with a drawing of a bird just hatched out of its egg, drawn by Ida
    "United War Work Campaign" official pledge receipt
    Advertisement for "Are You Legally Married" at Harris Theatre
    Advertisements to get citizens to buy Victory Liberty loan notes
    Belt buckle donated by I. Warren
    Big pastel drawing of a girl
    Bill for tax as a class assessment to complete payment on class stationary and class yearbooks   
    BSNS Senior Dance Ticket
    Country Club Dance
    Whittier Hall Dance
        Includes a small pencil
    Cutouts of names and symbol of several places including
        American YMCA
        Army and Navy Club
        Assistant King's Printer
        Base Hospital 29
        Cadet Flying Squadron
        Camp Abena
        Hartley Hall Columbia University
        Hotel Chamberlin
        Hotel Greenbrier
        Jester magazine, Columbia University
        Knights of Columbus War Activities
        Lehigh University
        Letter from Mary Walker inviting Ida to a party
        Naval Club
        Picture of Murray's Roman Gardens, New York City
        Sigillum Universitatis
        Skidmore School of Arts
        Song List
        The Belgrade
        The Cottage
        The Greenwood Coal Company
        U.S. Naval Academy
        Wells College
        Woodberry Forest School
    Dance tickets (5 tickets)
    Edmundson's Danville "Oh that Gentle Breeze"
    Invisible Art Mounts
    Invitation from Brown University to present an informal dance
    Invitation to the wedding of Muriel Ann and Mr. Bruce M. Shearer, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Griffith's
    Letter from Katharine H. Bakeless
    Letter from the Treasure Department
    Letter of appointment soliciting subscriptions for the Second Red Cross fund
    Letter to Miss Katharine Bakeless
    Liberty Loan pins
    Name cards from a variety of people, including Miss Katharine Bakeless, Miss Marian Phillips, Mrs. Jacob Keller, and others
    Newspaper Articles
        "Citations given to Iron Division, With Company I included"
        "High School Girls Defeat Bloomsburg Normal Girls"
        "'Old Columbia' Welcomes Home the Boys of Old Company I"
            Includes the first complete roster of Old Company I
        "YWCA Girls Down Normal"
    Newspaper cutout announcing the death of aged physician Dr. B. F. Gardner
    Orchestra Tickets from Columbia Theatre
    Overseas postcard
        Army Infantry
        Ida Wilson and some friends in costumes in front of North Hall (3 photographs)
        Ida and friends in front of Waller Hall
        Winthrop Gardner Batchelder possible cousin of Ida in his militia uniform
        Pig nursing its newborns
        Unidentified photograph of a man in front of a building
        Unidentified photographs from the time of the Armistice
        Other photographs of friends, some including Ida
    Picture of a white elephant with a "For Sale" sign
    Railroad ticket from Scranton to the Northern Electric Park
    Recipe for Kiss Cake
    Slip from U.S. Naval Radio Service
    The Philologian Literary Society "In the Vanguard" play program where Ida performed    
    Western Union Telegram from F. H. Wilson
    YWCA cutouts

The Girl Graduate, Her Own Book, 1917-18

Photographs of Ida and friends next to the fountain in front of Carver Hall
"Views of Normal"
Pictures of
    "The Grove"
    May Day - "Midsummer Night's Dream"
    A classroom
    The Promenade
        Lucille Ryan
        Leanora Nelson Walker
        Jane N. Williams
Senior class autographs
Teacher autographs
"1918 Lands the Kaiser" by Ruth Henry
List of people that she sent invitations to
Department of Music Recital Programme, 1918
Senior Presentation, 1918
Ivy Day Program Class of 1918
Class Night Program, 1918
BSNS Commencement Program
    Also lists the names of the graduating class. She graduated along with Miss Katharine Bakeless
BSNS Dance, 1918
Senior picnic ticket, 1918
Dance invitations
Newspaper articles
    "152 Seniors to Take the Exams"
    "All Seniors and Juniors Passed the State Board"
    "Baccalaureate Sermon Sunday"
    "Graduates in Commercial Department"
    "Miss Colley Won First Honors"
    "Philos Elect Their Officers"
    "Senior Drama Gwen Tonight"
    "State Board is Down to Work"
    "Strong Address by Dr. Hanson Commencement"
    Includes a list of the presents she received and who each present was from
    May Day, 1918
    The Heralds "Crid and Peckie"
    "M. Durkin, L. Walker, and H. Lord"
    Ida and friends in front of a vehicle
Brochures from Eagles Mere - In War Time, 1917

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