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Box 1

Akman, Mary, 1878-1879
    Sketches and Drawing Book, loose leaf paper inserts, and homework assignments found within the pages

Arthur, Helen, 1921
   Annotated copy of SEEHEARWRITE "Guide to taking notes in Nature Study for 'Hunters of the Beautiful'" by D. S. Hartline, A. M., Head of Department of Biology,
   State Normal School, Bloomsburg, Pa. The guide was completed in the fall of 1921 and includes field trip notes on insects, the heavens, the weather, fungi, trees and animals.
   The file also contains a card with the words to "Up On Normal Hill," the school alma mater, and "To Bloomsburg's Normal School."

Brace, Edith, 1924
    B.S.N.S. Papers, commencement and banquet programs ('24), mock trial exercise booklet, Wyoming High School Class of 1922 commencement announcement

Breisch, Florence, 1923
    B.S.N.S. notebook, only first few pages filled with Bible notes

Briggs, Herman A., 1901
    Book of autographs, letters, and newspaper clipping describing his memorial service

Clapp, Gordon , 1961
    Pilot Student Handbook

Corrigon, Mary, 1914
    Photograph of Mary, college diploma, thank you letter from the Office of the President at Bloomsburg University, High School Diploma (more like a final report card)

Cromwell, Ken & Alice (Koch), 1961-1966
    Track team photos, Student Teaching Manual, 1965 commencement program, Alice Koch personal papers (costs to attend, incoming student pamphlets, etc),
    Women's Service Sorority (badge, letter, & composite photo*), Pilot (1962)  * #13-319 in Oversize Photographs (RS 6/10/21)

Crow, Harvey, 1887-1888
    Letter, report cards, and a certification for the approval of Crow's continued education in the State School system

Derricott, William T., 1966
    General History notes, final examinations, and course syllabi

  Erdley, Florence, 1905-1906
    State Normal School bills

Freas, Agnes Amelia, 1910
    Photographs depicting campus life (all scanned and in very vivid color)

Fry, Harriet E., 1902
    Book with written notes and inserted pictures and clippings

Girton, Robert, 1913
    Class Schedule

Gogolach, Anna, 1926
     Loose leaf notebook containing various English class notes

Gottlieb, Irving T., 1939
    Correspondence with H.A. Andruss, Dr. Haas, and Thomas North, and newspaper clippings

Herring, Laura D., 1909
    History of Painting - notebook filled with cutouts of paintings, includes notes scribbled next to them
    Sculpture - notebook with cutouts of sculpture images, includes notes and names written next to them
    Notebook with cutout images of sculptures and paintings, along with a report handwritten by Herring in the back of the book

Heydenreich, Dora, 1892
    Autograph book and postage card

Hicks, Elsie, 1898-99
    Department of Music Programs from B.S.N.S. and recital invitations, photocopy of obituary

Hight, Robert, 1883
    Autograph book

Hileman, Robert E., 1951
    Term Paper: "The Iron Industry of Columbia County" - English II (1948)

Horst, Kathleen, 1969
    Frosh orientation calendar, Class Schedule, Maroon & Gold articles from '66 (which discusses the building that would be named Elwell Hall) and '68
    (in which it notes Horst's help with the Bloomsburg Bloodmobile), directions on how to create a test, criteria for a good curriculum, etc. (personal class papers),
    history notebook

Hosler, Doris Keller, 1948
    Remembrances to the Obiter, discussing specifically Russell Zimmerman

Jones, John T., 1888
    Letter from John to his father, also an image of an unidentified family (husband, wife, and young child)

Jones, Verna, 1936
    Kappa Delta Pi (Education Honor Society) Constitution and Law book, newspaper clippings concerning Verna Jones, her husband (Dan Jones),
    the Alumni Association, H.A. Andruss, and Vincent Price, and letters from both former Pres. H.A. Andruss and Pres. J. McCormick

Jury, Mark, 1942
    Newsletter article from "The Nutshell" in Middletown, OH where it notes Jury becoming the new Assistant Executive

Kingsbury, Marjorie, 1916
    First page of a written examination, posing the prompt of, "State the causes of the American Revolution" ('15)

Kocher, Harriet, 1939
    Senior commencement information (banquets, programs, etc.), Obiter (1939), "POP" (Pi Omega Pi) Centennial Issue, The Alumni Quarterly ('66),
    '67 Morning Press articles on B.S.T.C. and the dedication of Haas Center and H.A. Andruss Library

Ksanznak, Larry, 1953
    Writing by Ksanznak, "Memories of Bloomsburg State Teachers College" (05/19/2010)

Lazarus, Edwin, 1907
    Student-made scrapbook filled with programs and pamphlets from the School and also newspaper clippings and personal papers

Lord, Helen, 1917
    First page of Arithmetic examination

Madden, Olive , 1921
    "Guide to taking notes in Nature Study for 'Hunters of the Beautiful'," by D.S. Hartline (Head of B.S.N.S. Biology Department)

Meneeley, Gertrude, 1909
    Print-outs of photographs taken from Meneeley's scrapbook from both her time at Bloomsburg and the 50th Reunion of the class of 1909

Moore, Mary, 1899
    Photocopied Philadelphia Inquirer article, paper that states that Moore's daughter's, Mary Taubel Rieder, estate will fund a Bloomsburg University scholarship
    in honor of her mother, two letters of recommendation for Moore for future employment, and Moore's certification to continue onto her final year at B.S.N.S.

Parsell, Althea, 1946
    Programs concerning her vocal performances (mezzo soprano) and newspaper clippings

Petrullo, Caroline, 1929
    Floorplan of Waller Hall and numerous receipts noting both B.S.N.S. and B.S.T.C.

Pursel, Beatrice, 1918
    Book Room Account information noting the cost of various items needed for attendance to B.S.N.S., and a photocopy of the cover of the 1918
    commencement invitation

Box 2:
Raup, Elizabeth, 1929   
    Three autograph books that date from 1926-1929

Robbins, Susan B., 1967
    Health class grades, health semester schedule, and health notes and formal dance "couple" photographs with two different couples pictured

Ruggles, Lea B., 1894
    Drawing book filled with a variety of different sketches

Salem, Clinton, 1888
    Autograph book

Sharpless, Pauline, 1911
    Examination and class notes

Shuman, Charles, 1913
    Biology class notebook and a photocopy from the Jan. 1914 B.S.N.S. Quarterly in which it mentions his death due to cerebro-spinal meningitis at the age
    of 19, and a copy of "Month by Month Studies in Drawing (signed C.A. Shuman '13)

Shuman, Harriet, 1917
    Arithmetic examination

Box 3:
Smith, Ruth, 1927
    Bloomsburg Ice Cream Parlor Menu (BUSH's), correspondence between Smith & the Alumni Association concerning her memorabilia, teaching certificate
    from B.S.N.S., and a teaching contract from the Scranton School District

Sober, Louie, 1884
    Autograph book

Sypniewski, Helen, 1918
    Her 1918 Obiter with clippings on classmates; flyer and program for Senior Class Night, June 18, 1918; and certificate from the
    Bloomsburg State College Alumni Association for attending her 60th class reunion, April 29, 1978

Sypniewski, Valeria, 1922
    Her 1922 Obiter; senior dance program; Decoration Day program, May 30, 1922; songs sung at the alumni dinner, May 22, 1937; and alumni lists for the Class of 1922, April 1967 and February 1977

Thomas, Daniel, 1930-31
    A collection of photocopied newspaper clippings all concerning the Bloomsburg football team, noting Thomas

White, Wilhemine, 1920
    Commencement week programs and photographs, torn out scrapbook pages with personal photographs (May Day included) and photocopied images of the
    torn out pages

Young, Harry W., 1905
    B.S.N.S. Grammar examination

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