Student Affairs


Gadfly, 1967-1980


Box 1:

Gadfly (4 Folders), 1967-73, 1977-80
Includes weekly issues of the Gadfly, the Bloomsburg State College underground newspaper, which contained controversial articles and editorials criticizing the actions of the college administration and the federal government; a "Report to Students" upon the banning of the newspaper's distribution; a boycott advertisement to stop the Vietnam War; and letters to faculty members inviting them to submit their own articles to have them published.  Editors and contributors to the newspaper over the years included Lyle Slack, Bill Sanders, Larry Phillips, Gary Pletcher, political science professor James Percey, Tom Brennan,  George Calvert, John Cooper, George Hoffecker, Bob Becker, Chris Thurner, Janice Orlowsky, Richard Scott, Lee Erdman, Mike Carroll, John Andris, Art White, Janice Hankins, Alonzo Walker, Phil Genova, Steve Wagner, Mary Lou Andris, and Barb Marberger.

Gadfly Variations, 1968-69
Includes a list of questions directed towards students and several different variations of the newspaper.

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