Academic Affairs

Institutional Planning

Reports, 1964-


Box 1:
Attrition Reports, 1972-1980
Bloomsburg State College students and testing programs, 1970-1973
Comparative Study of Undergraduate and Graduate Grades given by the Department and by Instructors, 1970-1978
Contribution and Consumption Reports, 1982-1987
Credit Hour Consumption, 1976-1982
Degrees Granted at Bloomsburg State College, 1973-1986
Departmental Report of Entrance and Exit Score Information, 1973
Enrollment Reports (2 folders), 1964-2004
Report on the Entrance Classification test scores earned by students entering Bloomsburg State College, 1971-1972
Extracts from articles and reports, 1971-1974
Faculty Reports, 1970-1989
Final Placement reports, 1979-1985
Freshman and Transfer Student Reports, 1970-1976
Bloomsburg State College Full Time and Part Time undergraduate majors, 1979-1984
Grade Studies, 1968-1997
Institutional Data Base report (2 folders), 1983
Institutional Planning Report, 1999
Institutional Planning Summary, 1979-1983
Longitudinal Grade Summary, 1979-1982
Miscellaneous Reports and Results, 1969-1983
A Report on Teacher Supply and Demand, 1969-1974
A Report on the use of Graduate Record Examinations, 1968-1972
Results of the use of the Pass-Fail Option, 1972-1974
Staff Report by sex and race, 1991
Survey information and results, 1972-1986

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