Jessica Kozloff

Presidential Search Committee File, 1984-1994


Box 1:
Academic Search Consultation Service correspondence, June 1993-January 1994
Advertisement, August 1993-October 1993
Affirmative Action, May 1992-November 1993
Agenda, June 1993-February 1994
Budget, April 1993-June 1994
Burns, Robert L., July 1990-March 1994
Candidate Control Sheets and Ranking Sheets, April 1993-October 1993
Candidate List, December 1993
Conn, Philip W., October 1993-February 1994
Consultant's Contract, July 1991-April 1993
Consultant's Visit, April 2 -14, 1993
Correspondence-Stead, April 1993-September 1993
Fax Sent, April 1993-March 1994
General Correspondence, February 1993-July 1993
Guidelines (Board of Governors), October 1992
Guidelines for Off-Site Interviews, May 1993-February 1994
Kozloff, Jessica, October 1993-February 1994
Letterhead (blank), n.d.

Box 2:
Meeting Materials - Minutes and Applicant Lists, April 1993-October 1993
       Nominee and Candidate Lists, November 1993-December 1993
       Active Candidate Lists and Interview Information, December 1993-January 1994
       Interview Information and Candidate Surveys, February 1994
Membership, September 1993
Memos-Committee, April 1993-April 1994
Minutes, September 1993-March 1994
Nomination Sources, May 1993-October 1993
Notes on Meetings, February 1993-November 1993
On-Site Interview 1/30-2/10, January 1994-February 1994
Pogue, Frank G., November 1993-February 1994
Presidential Search (1984-1985), February 1984-March 1993
Presidential Search Committee, November 1992-August 1993
Presidential Search Committee Picture and Stationary, n.d.
Progress Reports, April 1993-February 1994
Publicity, April 1993-May 1994
Report to Presidential Search Committee, May 1993
Thank You's, January 1994-March 1994
Timetable, September 1993
Travel Information From Candidate, December 1993-February 1994

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