Harry Ausprich

Tunghai University Collection, 1986-1987


Box 1:
Summary of Contents of Collection
Materials given to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (BUP) through Pres. Harry Ausprich by Tunghai University in November 1987 as part of welcoming BUP into a co-operative education agreement between it and nine Republic of China universities.

Photo of Pres. Ausprich receiving gift from Taiwanese university official
Schedule for Pres. Ausprich on visit to Tunghai University
Tunghai University catalog, 1984-86
Book: Images of Taipai (Memorial Exhibition for the late President Chiang's One Hundredth Birthday), 1986
Book: New Image of Taipai, 1985
Agreement: The educational Co-operation Program between the nine Teachers Colleges of R.O.C. and the three Universities of the U.S.A.
        (English version and signed)
        [As above] (Chinese version)
Tunghai University plaque given to President and Mrs. Harry Ausprich
Silver plate dish given to Pres. Ausprich by the Taiwan Provincial Hwalien Teachers College (with stand)
National Taiwan University letter opener (in open box)
Ivory block (1 3/4" x 1/2" x 1/2") presumably spelling Ausprich in Chinese (in brocaded case)
National Taiwan University plaque with red knot work and tassel
Encased sandalwood sculpture - gift from the student body of the Anshan Iron and Steel Engineering Institute, Anshan, Republic of China
Scroll with Chinese writing on black roller; scroll is 19" wide (Catalogued as Artifact #555)

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