Waller Hall Annex

The Annex to Waller Hall in the 1950s, with the Tiffany windows in place on the lower right.

The Waller Hall Annex was completed in 1894 and served as a means to connect the main part of the building to Noetling Hall. On the first floor the Annex initially housed the study hall or library, with classrooms on the second floor and dorm rooms on the third and fourth floors.  In 1907 the library was moved to a larger area on the second floor and an Alumni Room and Social Room took the space it had formerly occupied. The library remained on the second floor for 50 years until moving into the former dining room area in the main part of Waller. From 1920 through 1966 the front windows to the Annex lobby held the Tiffany stained glass windows which were moved to the old Andruss Library and are now located in the front of the new library building. The Annex was torn down with the rest of Waller Hall in January, 1975.

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