Waller Hall

Waller Hall in 1957 and the famous Long Porch.

Waller Hall was the College's main dormitory, and was completed in 1876 after the previous dormitory had been destroyed by fire in September, 1875.  The first floor had a lobby, offices, post office and the dining room, while the second floor boasted of an infirmary with a registered nurse in attendance, as well as dormitory rooms which also filled the third and fourth floors.  The lobby and the front porch served as a favorite social meeting place for many years. Long Porch, which was added in 1890, was originally wood but replaced with a brick colonnade in 1949.  Named for former Principal David J. Waller, Jr. in 1927, this four-story building had a frontage of 165 feet and a wing 40 by 104 feet that enclosed a patio and a fountain, which was a gift of the Class of 1949.  It stood for nearly a century until it was demolished in Janury, 1975 to make way for the Lycoming Hall dormitory.

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