Noetling Hall

Noetling Hall in 1956.

Noetling Hall was built in 1885 and 1886 and stood where the Scranton Commons is today. Named in 1927 for William Noetling, Head of the Department of Pedagogy from 1877-1900, the building initially housed the model elementary school on campus, but after the construction of Ben Franklin in 1930 it held the Department of Commerce.  When the department moved to Navy Hall following the end of the Second World War the building became home to psychological and speech clinics, with suites of offices and consultation rooms. By the 1960s the clinics had been replaced by classrooms and faculty offices, along with lounges and kitchen facilities for the day men and women and the Audio-Visual Education Lab on the second floor.  One of the most distinctive features of Noetling Hall were four stained glass windows, three of which can be seen in the above photograph.  Despite its many uses the building was demolished in 1967 to make way for construction of the Scranton Commons.

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