Recreation Center (Husky Lounge)

The Husky Lounge as it appeared in the late 1950s.

An addition built onto Waller Hall in 1894, this former gymnasium when new was among the best gyms in America. It was fitted with the finest apparatus made at the time and contained a running gallery above the floor and baths and lockers for both men and women. The basketball team played its games here and it was heavily used for gym classes.  When Centennial Gym opened in 1942 this building was no longer needed for athletic purposes, and so after World War II it was renovated as a recreation center.  Finally in 1956 a Snack Bar, television lounge, fireplace and the College Book Store were added, and the entire area became known as the Husky Lounge.  Although the primary student social area on campus it lasted as such for only 15 years, because in the summer of 1971 the building was removed from Waller Hall in order to clear the site for the construction of the Kehr Union.

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