Flag Pole (World War I Memorial Pinery)

A view of the flagpole and surrounding trees, summer 1955.

The Flagpole, still surrounded by a group of pine trees, is located just west of Carver Hall. Along with a bronze tablet, the Flagpole and trees were a gift from the class of 1919 in memory of sixteen former students who lost their lives during World War I. The memorial was to be a living one and consisted of pine trees on the lawn between Carver and Science Halls. There, eighteen white pines were planted in the design of a six-pointed star with a steel flagpole erected in the middle. On May 30, 1919, the War Memorial Pinery was dedicated in an impressive ceremony, and restored and rededicated on April 25, 2003.  Read more about the history of the Pinery and the lives of the 16 students here.

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