Carver Hall

The symbol of Bloomsburg University, Carver Hall, in 1959.

Carver Hall was the first building to be erected on campus, begun in the late summer of 1866 and dedicated in April, 1867. It was originally called Institute Hall, reflecting the fact that at the time of its construction the school was known as the Bloomsburg Literary Institute. In the summer of 1900 the dome was added, replacing the original cupola, and in 1927 it was named for Henry Carver, the institute's first principal. By 1959 Carver Hall featured an auditorium seating 800 people that had recently been equipped with sound and motion picture viewing equipment as well as a public address system. In addition to the auditorium it is currently home to the offices of the President and the Provost of the University. This particular building, with its white belfry and pillared entrance, creates a picturesque doorway to campus and has been the symbol of the school for over 100 years.

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