Athletic Field

A baseball game on the Athletic Field in 1961.

The Athletic Field was located on the grounds presently occupied by the the Bakeless Center and the Warren Student Services Center, and was originally graded from December, 1934 into the spring of 1935 as a government relief project.  The total cost was nearly $30,000, almost all of which went towards the salaries of over 100 workers, which still only amounted to $3 a day apiece.  The field was known as Mount Olympus, had a seating capacity of 3000, and was used for both football and baseball games from the mid-1930s until 1964. In November of that year after the final football game had been played the field was removed to prepare for the construction of the first library building, which was placed on the baseball diamond.

The original athletic field on the Bloomsburg campus was completed in 1896 and located just to the north of Carver Hall.  It was moved further up the hill after the construction of Science Hall, which was also placed on the baseball diamond, in 1906.  The second field, the original Mount Olympus, was situated in the space between the current location of Columbia and Navy Halls.  It was first used in 1907 and was the primary athletic area on campus until the new field just to the east was graded nearly 30 years later.  After Navy Hall was built the old field was still used for track meets until construction began on the Haas Center in the mid-1960s.

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