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Collection Development Policy

The guidelines listed below will apply to most of the materials in these categories, but as with any policy must be flexible and individual items may still be evaluated for their appropriateness on a case-by-case basis by the Coordinator of Special Collections.  The policy was last revised on January 30, 2001.

1.     An imprint date prior to 1850.
2.     A unique, rare, or valuable item.
3.     Inscription by a famous or prominent author.
4.     Susceptibility to loss and/or damage due to content or subject matter.
5.     Local art exhibition catalogs printed specifically to accompany an exhibition.
6.     Caldecott and Newbery award-winning books.
7.     Covered bridges, especially those in Pennsylvania.
8.     Items of local interest, including the history of the town of Bloomsburg, Columbia
        County, and the surrounding counties in northeast Pennsylvania.
9.     The Molly Maguires and anthracite coal mining.
10.   Louis Comfort Tiffany and stained glass.
11.   Educational textbooks prior to 1910.
12.   Items that complement other existing materials in the collection.

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Updated 9/25/02