Cheer on the Huskies:
A History of Bloomsburg Football


Robert Dunkelberger
Bloomsburg University Archivist

The Normal school football field in 1898,
as taken from the chimney of the heating plant.

    The first organized football team at Bloomsburg University began play in the fall of 1892 and has been providing the fans at the school exciting and competitive teams ever since.  This five-part history relates the beginning of competition at the Bloomsburg State Normal School, and then covers the excellent teams coached by Robert Redman following World War II, the story of Homecoming at Bloomsburg, two memorable teams in the 1960s and 1980s, and the ongoing success of Coach Danny Hale.


1.    The Early Years

2.    The Redman Era

3.    Homecoming

4.    Two Great Teams

5.    Hale to the Huskies


    So follow the links and enjoy a look back over the years at Husky football .  And for more in-depth information on the history of football at the Bloomsburg State Normal School from 1892-1905 check out this site on Coach Albert Aldinger.

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