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American Association of University Women (A.A.U.W.) Bloomsburg Branch, 1930-1992


Box 1:
Advertising, 1980
Branch in Bloom (6 Folders), 1980-91
    Materials, September 1986-August 1991
    Newsletters, January 1980-May 1991
Branch President's Materials, 1980-91
    Includes President's workbooks and calendar books
Catalogs and Brochures, 1988-92
Chapter bylaws, 1988-92
    Includes some of the bylaws and memorandums regarding the bylaws
Convention and Conferences (3 Folders) 1978-92
    Includes materials for planning the 51st PA Division Convention on June 6-8,1980 at Bloomsburg University, such as banquet menus, maps, room reservation
    requests, travel arrangements, list of speakers, list of meetings and workshops, housing accommodations, letters, registration forms.
Directories, 1989-90
    Directory of Fellow and Grant Recipients
Equal Rights Movement (2 Folder), 1975-92
    Includes brochures, affirmative action dictionary, documents encouraging to vote got Freedom of Choice Act, executive order establishing the "Pennsylvania
   Commission for Women", news releases, letters encouraging women to vote, and other articles
Equal Rights Movement Newspaper Clippings, 1980's

Box 2:
Financial Records
    Bank and Insurance Statements, 1987-97
        Business money market account statements, results of audit, invoice of insurance agency, memos, notices to policyholder
    Journals, 1971-90
    Cash Receipts, 1971-1990
        Includes date and year of recording and what cash was received for
    Cash Disbursements, 1971-1990
        Includes date and year of recording, check number, and each expense account that the disbursement was made for
    Savings, 1977-88
        Includes account number and name of bank, date and year of recording, sources and amounts of receipts for the account, and amount interest received
    Special Accounts, 1979-89
        Includes entries for First Federal Savings accounts, United Penn Bank Super Saver Account, and the accounts numbers
Source Documents for Financial Journals, 1987-93
    Includes check receipts, purchase receipts, confirmations from PA Division Treasurer, membership renewals, dues reports
Tax Forms, 1988-90
    Instructions for Form 990, 1988
    Organizations Exempt Form from Tax, 1989
    Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, 1989
Treasurer's Reports and Financial Statements, 1976-93
    Also includes letters to the Branch Treasurer, branch dues report instructions, registration and housing expenditures sheet, statement forms,
    memorandums, annual reports
Forms and Applications
    Includes honorary life membership application, member transfer form, awards for branches and divisions form, records change form, and officer change form
Legislative Reports, 1990-92
Magazines, 1988-92
    Leader in Action, 1988-92
    Outlook, 1990-92
Membership and Recruitment, 1989-92
    Includes information and materials for the "Take The Initiative" campaign which was a new membership campaign designed to reach out to more potential
    members. The materials include a pin, bumper stickers, membership training workshop handbook, and newsletters
Membership Listings, 1987-92
    Some of the listings include phone numbers, addresses, and member identification numbers
Minutes and Memorandums, 1979-92
    Includes news releases, letters, list of division's outstanding women, some calendars of events, and a two small yearbooks for 1985-87
Newspaper Clippings, 1978-86
    Contains newspaper clippings of articles involving the activities of the A.A.U.W.
Other Branch Newsletters and Reports, 1979-92
Project 21st Century, 1989
    This was a project designed to prepare young women for the future. It includes information and materials about parenting, careers, etc.

Box 3:
Member Record Cards, 1930-92
    Includes the name, address, birth date, phone number, and major of each member

Box 4:
Scrapbooks (6 folders plus 1 Oversize), 1939-73
    Includes the chapter bylaws, newspaper clippings, and brochures for the annual conference dinners
Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings for 1943-62 kept with oversize materials

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