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Unora B. Mendenhall Papers, 1935-1960



Religious Scrapbook

Personal Scrapbook

Bloomsburg State Teachers College Scrapbook




    Unora B. Mendenhall was born to Joseph and Letha (Laubach) Mendenhall on April 20, 1913, in Benton, Pennsylvania. She attended Bloomsburg State Teachers College and graduated in 1935 with a degree in Secondary Education in the subjects of mathematics and science. After she earned her degree she went on to teach mathematics at Benton High School for 40 years until her retirement in 1975. Throughout her time at the high school she established an excellent reputation both as an educator and a person. Because she radiated such positivity and dedication, she was inducted into the Benton High School Hall of Fame in 2010.

    Along with her career, she was also a very accomplished pianist, becoming the organist for Waller United Methodist Church for 56 years. She also was a longtime member of the Columbia Chapter 177, Order of the Eastern Star and was their organist for 34 years, as well.

    Passing away on May 15, 1988, it was said Unora would always be known to her friends, family, and fellow educators as being "well known to everyone and an influence for good among her acquaintances."


Religious Scrapbook

    The Easter Story: Palm Sunday

    The Easter Story: Monday

    The Easter Story: Tuesday

    The Easter Story: Wednesday

    The Easter Story: Maundy Thursday

    The Easter Story: Good Friday

    The Easter Story: Saturday

    The Easter Story: Easter Sunday

    What is a Presbyterian?

        cont'd: Baptism is recommended...

        cont'd: Presbyterian Church does not...

        cont'd: Do Presbyterians believe...

    Who are Jehovah's Witnesses?

        cont'd: What are the teachings...

        cont'd: The believe only...

        cont'd: Are boys and girls...

    What is a Lutheran?

        cont'd: Inside of Lutheran Church, Image

        cont'd: Lutherans deeply respect...

        cont'd: In other words...

        cont'd: Do Lutherans believe in...

        cont'd: Pastor and children, Image, followed by continued article

    The 75th Birthday of Christian Science

        cont'd: Fines himself chiefly...

    What is a Methodist?

        cont'd: Methodists don't pray...

        cont'd: Methodists believe God...

    What is Episcopalian?

        cont'd: Has been, and still...

        cont'd: "High" and "low" parishes...

        cont'd: contraception, but no...

    What is a Communist?

        cont'd: The thing they dread most...

        cont'd: 5 people, Images, followed by continued article

    Pagan: The Story of Attila the Hun

    Fundamental belief-God is Love

    Emphasis on Personal responsibility makes church a "democracy under God"

    What is a Mormon? p. 143

        cont'd: p. 145

    What is a Jew?

        cont'd: Rabbi, Image, followed by continued article

        cont'd: Christians and Jews...

        cont'd: Woman studying, Image, followed by continued article

        cont'd: Group of adults studying, Image, followed by continued article


Personal Scrapbook

    The scrapbook covers a variety of subjects, including newspaper clippings and magazine articles of prayers and religious stories, obituaries and funeral announcements, church programs in which Unora is named as organist, Christmas programs from Waller United Methodist Church, and dedication and anniversary pamphlets.


Bloomsburg State Teachers College Scrapbook

    This very brief scrapbook contains newspaper clippings pertaining to teaching and the Bloomsburg State Teachers College, graduation cards to Unora, and the cover of the May 1937 issue of McCall's magazine with a portrait of Amelia Earhart.


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