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Daniel Rarich Papers, 1879-1929







    Daniel Rarich was a longtime resident of this region of Pennsylvania. Born on October 18, 1878, in Sugarloaf Township, he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rarich. Together the couple had five children:  Daniel, Abraham, Edith, William, and George. Daniel began his education at the Central Hill School of Luzerne County, where he was in attendance from 1883 until 1895. He went on to continue his education at the Bloomsburg State Normal School, where he was an avid player on the football team. He graduated in 1900 at the age of 21, and went on to teach for several years afterwards. He then worked for the Hazleton National Bank as a book keeper.

    Cora Knelly, daughter of Charles H. Knelly, a Civil War veteran and owner of the Conyingham Steam Planning Mill, and Emma J. Wagner Knelly, was born January 5, 1876. She had six siblings:  Samuel, Estella, George, Edgar, Susan, and Jane. The family resided in Conyingham, Pennsylvania.

    Daniel and Cora married on June 15, 1905. He and his wife settled in Conyingham, where they attended the Christ Union Church, which became the Christ Reformed Church after it burned in 1928. Following his work as a bookkeeper for the Hazleton National Bank, he worked for the Hazleton Machinery & Supply Co. before his retirement. He and his wife had one son, Charles P. Rarich, who was born on June 7, 1907, and went on to graduate from Lafayette College in 1927. Cora Knelly died suddenly in Brooklyn, New York, while visiting her son on March 6, 1938. Daniel then moved to the Y.M.C.A dormitories in Hazleton. He died there of a sudden heart attack on September 4, 1947. Both David and Cora Rarich are buried at Conyingham Union Cemetery.

    Charles P. Rarich resided in Long Island, New York, and passed away in March 1988 at Pine Run Community in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. This collection was given to the Bloomsburg University Archives in 1998 by Inez Early Lincoln of Doylestown.



Accession Correspondence, 1998
Genealogical Information, n.d.
    Rarich and Knelly families

Bloomsburg State Normal School
Bloomsburg State Normal School, Class of 1900, Photograph - Matted 11x14
B.S.N.S 1900 Class Day Pamphlet
B.S.N.S 1899 Football Team, Photograph, Prof. W. B. Sutliff and Prof. A. K. Aldinger pictured, players names including D. Rarich, on back of photograph

Rarich Family
Center Hill School
Postcard of Center Hill School of Luzerne County
Center Hill School, Photograph - Matted 6x7
Center Hill School, Photograph - 10x12

Peter Zellner, D. Rarich's maternal Grandfather, Photograph
Mrs. Peter Zellner (Elizabeth Rockel), D. Rarich's maternal Grandmother, Photograph
Death Card of Mrs. Peter J. Rarich (Emma E. Zellner), D. Rarich's mother, March 6, 1917 at 63
Death Card of George Rarich, Daniel's younger brother, February 4, 1911 at 21
Photograph of 13 men, D. Rarich pictured in the back row, August 10, 1912 - Matted 9, 3/4x11
Hazleton National Bank, Employees pictured in front, Named D. Rarich as book keeper, dated "About 1904"

Knelly Family
Immediate Family

Samuel F. Knelly, Cora's older brother, Photograph
"Sam" Knelly, Photograph
G. Howard Knelly (George), Cora's brother, taken while attending Eastman Business College in Poughkeepsie, NY, Photograph
Knelly, male, December 21, 1879, Photograph
Charles H. Knelly, Photograph marked "Kellmers"
Charles H. Knelly, Photograph
Charles H. Knelly, C.F. Cook Photography, Photograph
Panel Honoring the 147th Infantry Regiment at the Pennsylvania State Memorial Building, Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg, PA, marked "Chas H. Knelly", Photograph
Letter to C. H. Knelly from the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Government document enclosed is a Pension Certificate for C. H. Knelly's action as a private in the 147th Infantry Regiment
C. H. Knelly's Planning Mill in Conyingham, PA, Photograph
Remodeled Planning Mill, marked 1895, Photograph
Mrs. C. H. Knelly (Emma J. Wagner Knelly), Photograph
Death Card of Mrs. Lavina Knelly, widow of John Knelly and Cora Knelly's great-Aunt on the paternal side, March 20, 1899 at 79
Cora Knelly, believed to have been taken at the time of her mothers graduation from Hazleton Seminary, Photograph
Elise Croll, Cora Knelly, and Emily Croll, Photograph
Estella Jacobs, Burton Wade, Cora Knelly, Frank Kuntz, Mary Kuntz, and John Robbins, Photograph
Cora Knelly, Photograph
Hazleton Seminary 2nd Annual Commencement Invitation
Mrs. Sophie C. Jack, Principal of Hazleton Seminary, Photograph
Ida Rerig, cousin of Cora Knelly, Photograph

Esther Heeb (Knelly), Cora's paternal Aunt, Photograph
John Heeb, Cora's Uncle, Photograph
John A. Heeb, Cora's Uncle, Photograph
Arthur Heeb, cousin of Cora Knelly, Photograph
Mary M. Heeb, cousin of Cora Knelly, aged 6, Photograph
Howard S. Heeb, cousin of Cora Knelly, aged 18, Photograph


Charles H. Knelly, Cora's father, was married a second time to Amelia J. Hughes. Amelia's sister, Rebecca Hughes was the wife of Josiah Mowery. They had four children: Gertha (Gertie), Charles, Abraham, and Jessie. These children were Cora Knelly's step-cousins.

Great Grandmother Mowery, Photograph
Getha Mowery and younger brother Charles Mowery, Photograph
Charles Mowery with two dogs, Photograph
Young Mowery boy, Photograph
Getha Mowery, Photograph

Daniel Rarich & Cora Knelly
"Wedding Bells" Marriage Booklet, enclosed with Marriage Certificate of Daniel Rarich and Cora Knelly both of Conyingham, PA, June 15, 1905

Christ Union Church in Conyingham, PA, Photograph - Matted
One Hundredth Anniversary Booklet of Christ Union Church in Conyingham, PA, Marked May 12-16, 1926, Signed "Daniel Rarich", 1926
Christ Union Church, bordered by green and red paper, Dated, 1928
Newspaper clipping titled "Union Congregations Offered Use of Methodist Church in Conyingham"
Christ Reformed Church in Conyingham, PA, September 22, 1929, Photograph
"The Ten Minute Call" Newsletter, Invitation to attend the dedication of the New Christ Reformed Church in Conyingham, PA
Programme for the Dedication Services at the Christ Reformed Church in Conyingham, PA, dated June 25-30, 1929
Pamphlet from the Corner Stone Laying of the New Christ Reformed Church in Conyingham, PA, dated Sunday, September 23, 1928

Conyingham Valley
Central Office Building of Conyingham Valley Telephone Co., Conyingham, PA, September, 1929
Unidentified Roadside with Hills in the Distance, marked Stephen D. Engle Jr., Photograph - Matted
Unidentified Valley image (Conyingham?), marked Stephen D. Engle Jr., Photograph - Matted
View of Conyingham Valley from Conyingham Pass, Photograph - Matted
Little Boys with a Cart, Conyingham, PA

June 1929, Lafayette College
Alumni College and Lafayette College, Photograph
College Body, both students and faculty at Alumni College, Lafayette College in Easton, PA, Photograph
Alumni College and Lafayette, Pathe News Photography taking Pictures, Photograph
Alumni College, Dr. Tupper's Discussion Group posing for photo for Pathe News, Photograph
President of Lafayette College and Alumni College, Photograph
Alumni College, Dr. Tupper's Discussion Group posing for photo for Pathe News, Photograph (a)
Alumni College, Photograph
Dr. Henry W. Cattell ' 83, aged 67, and C. P. Rarich '27, Daniel and Cora's son, aged 22, are the oldest and youngest members of the student body at Lafayette College

Unidentified Objects in Relation to the Rarich Family

Kittie Robbins Elson, Photograph

Central Office Building of Lehigh Telephone Co., Hazleton, PA, September 1929, Photograph
Newspaper Clipping titled, "Rev. C.A. Kerschner in Last Resting Place", pages 5 & 20
Victorian Home with 4 women and one child out front, Photograph
Men with horses riding through town on Main St., Photograph

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