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Frank C. Laubach Papers, 1896-1994


Box 1:
Bibliography, 1973
Bloomsburg University Connection, 1961-1987
Laubach Literacy International, 1977-1992
Laubach Literacy International: Holdings re: Laubach's Life/Work (sample pages), 1990
Laubach Literacy International: Foreign Language (sample pages), 1988
Literacy (in general), 1969-1994
Obituaries and Funeral, 1970
Syracuse University Libraries: Laubach Collection (sample pages), 1974-1991
Video Tapes: The Birth of Each One Teach One (2)
Writings About Laubach (2 folders), 1943-1993
Description of Collection & Photographs (Summary)
Laubach Literacy International Coin Paperweight 

Box 2:
Benton Connection, 1968-1986
Committee on World Literacy and Christian Literature, 1949-1952
Effa Seely Laubach (wife), 1968-1973
Laubach Literacy International, 1965-1977
Literacy Worldwide, 1977
One-Hundredth Anniversary Proclamation: PA Governor Richard Thornburgh, 1984
One-Hundredth Anniversary Proclamation: House of Representatives, 1984
One-Hundredth Anniversary Proclamation: Senate, 1984
Robert C. Laubach (son)
Tributes to Laubach, 1958-1970
Postage Stamp and 100th Anniversary (2 folders), 1984
Writings of Laubach (Pamphlets and Articles), 1950-1969
    A Call to Spiritual Advance: Methodist Church: Board of Missions and Church Extension Literature Headquarters, 1952
    A Call to Spiritual Advance: New Readers Press, 1964
    Christian, Save Your World: New Readers Press (2 copies), 1969
    "Does Easter Include You", Faith At Work, 1962
    "The Forgotten Half", Faith At Work, 1955
    Literacy as Evangelism, Committee on World Literacy and Christian Literature, Foreign Missions Conference of North America, 1950
    The Game with Minutes and Hours to Play It: A New Life Experience, Alcyone House
    Let's All CIHU, Macalester Park Publishing Co.
Phillip Farber Collection of Laubach Clippings, 1984

Box 3:
Guides to Laubach Collection, 1974-1991

Box 4:
Correspondence (8 folders), 1896-1941

Box 5:
Correspondence (6 folders), 1941-1962
Personal Papers: Diary and Notes (3 folders), 1938
Personal Papers: Literacy as Evangelism, 1961-1968
Personal Papers: Daily Devotions, 1952

Box 6:
Personal Papers: Diaries from the Philippines (3 folders), 1929-1940
Personal Papers: Diary and Notes, 1954-1955
Personal Papers: Itineraries, 1942-1969
Personal Papers: Key System for Teaching Illiterates/Lanao Progress, 1935
Personal Papers: Letter from Tambaram, India, 1938
Personal Papers: Memorabilia (6 folders), 1905-1970s
Personal Papers: Philippines, 1930-1966
    Report of Laubach Institute, 1956
    The Philippines' Literacy Method with letter, 1933 (including "Why Protestants are Needed in the Philippines") 

Box 7
Trustees Committees, Financial Reports, and Letters, 1957-1962
Trustees Letters, 1959-1969
Trustees Meetings, 1961-1966
Administrative Papers (form letters, foundations, functions, funds), 1965-1969
Projects, Overseas: Kenya Literacy Center (3 folders), 1965
Projects, Overseas: Brazil, 1960s
Projects Overseas: Burma, China and Columbia, 1955-1970
Projects Overseas: Peace Corps
Projects Overseas: Philippines, 1935-1970
Projects Overseas: Projects, 1957-1967
Projects Overseas: Proposals, 1962

Box 8:
Projects Overseas: Philippines (3 folders), 1933-1969
Photographs: Mexico, New Guinea, Nicaragua, Philippines, Thailand, & California, 1964

Box 9:
Books Written About Laubach:
Apostle to the Illiterates, David Mason, 1966 (2 copies)
Each One Teach One: Frank Laubach, Marjorie Medary, 1954
Books Written By Laubach:
Why There Are Vagrants, 1914
The People of the Philippines: Their Religion, Progress, and Preparation for Spiritual Leadership in the Far East, 1925 (2 copies)
Channels of Spiritual Power
Prayer: The Mightiest Force in the World, 1956
Wake Up or Blow Up, 1951 (2 copies)
What Jesus Had to Say About Money, 1966
Thirty Years With the Silent Billion, 1960
The Silent Billion Speak, 1951
Learning the Vocabulary of God: A Spiritual Diary, 1956
Inspired Letters of the New Testament, 1956
How to Teach One and Win Christ, 1965
The Greatest Life: Jesus Tells His Story, 1957 (3 copies)
40 Years With the Silent Billion, 1970
The Autobiography of Jesus, 1962 (2 copies)
You Are My Friends, 1942
Seven Thousand Emeralds, 1929
Rizal Man and Martyr, 1936
The World is Learning Compassion, 1958 (3 copies)

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