Women's Physical Education

Lucy McCammon Papers, 1887-1959


Box 1:
Professional, 1932-1959
    Appointment Books (17 Books), 1932-59
        Includes daily list of activities and events to attend to and tasks to complete
    Physical Education Handbooks (2 Books)
        Includes music notes for games, personalized envelopes, attendance of swimming instructors, and short page with exercise information. One booklet includes
        "A cumulative series of Handbooks on plays, games, dances, athletics, pageants and Kindred subjects"
   Physical Education teaching materials (17 Books/Booklets)
        Games for Teaching, 1936
        Health Education and Safety
        Hygiene Guide Books 1 and 2
        Marijuana Leaf A Compound Leaf
        National Physical Achievement Standards
        Nutrition Unit
        Physical Education Activities
        Physical Education Leaders' Club
        Physical Education Secondary School Program
        Physical Education for Primary Grades
        Recreational Games
        Seasonal Physical Education Program
        Skill Drills - Basket Ball Type
        Skill Drills - Soccer Type
        Workbook in Health for High School Girls
        Workbook for Physical Education
    Letters of Recognition, 1913-1938
        Letters from parents and faculty congratulating her on her performance as a teacher
    Memos, guides, and other teaching-related documents, 1935-56
        Includes plan for expenditures, list of responsibilities, faculty activities report, receipts, music notes for games, Teacher's Institute Programme, and Bloomsburg
        State Teacher's College placement forms/applications. Payroll book for teachers includes name, amount of hours completed, pay rate, and total amount paid

Box 2:
Family, c.1800-1929
    Correspondence, 1887-1913
    Scrap books (2 Books), c.1800-1929
        Includes newspaper clippings collected over the years on famous people, poetry and historical events
Personal, 1948-59
    Articles and drawings of interest
        Newspaper clippings, portrait of Napoleon, and writings
    Book List - Miss Lucy McCammon, c.1950s
        Includes personal and family books dating to the 1800s on art; biographies, letters and memoirs; English and reading; fiction; geography; health and physical education;
            history; language; law; mathematics; music; philosophy; plays and poems; religion; and science.
        Includes "Seasons' Greetings" card, letters about an accident report, post cards, letters, and test results
    Statements, checks, and other financials (2 Books, 1 Folder), 1948-59
        Includes check book receipts, letter from the Department of Revenue, 1950 Real Estate tax statement, 1950 Income Tax Report, copies of checks to be sent
            out, bank statements, Bloomsburg Area Joint School salary data
        Accounts on Real Estate
            Includes the year, name of real estate, date, and amount of transactions
        Individual Income Tax and Expense record
            Includes dates, bank balances, name of account, and type of expense
    Programs, Invitations, Tickets, and Contract Cards, 1909-1911
        Columbia-Montour Motor Club
        Eleventh Annual "Uncle Jimmy" Day Banquet
        The Playhouse
        The Selfish Giant
        Woman's Auxiliary Christ Church Branch
        The Work of High School Summer School and Paintings in The Ozarks

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