College of Education

Ben Franklin Training School

Parent Teacher Association Programs and Files, 1937-1966


Box 1:
D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution), 1938-57
    Programs and newspaper articles reporting on the annual D.A.R. History Awards

PTA Files (4 Folders), 1937-52, 1961-66
    Committee reports
    Reports of attendance and collections
    Suggested Bylaws
    Petition for improvement of Spruce Street
    Treasurer's Reports
    List of officers and committees
    List of members
    Responses to invites for "Founder's Day"
    Western Union Telegram
    National Congress Bulletins
    Memos for Parents
    List of each student's name organized by grade
    Care package order form
    Some grade rosters include name, date of birth, parent's name and address, and telephone number
    Sales report for class group pictures and the laboratory school

Programs (9 Booklets), 1944-66
    Booklets for the academic year including lists of officers, committees and chairs; children's programs and themes; meeting schedules; and study group locations and topics.  Additional program booklets found in PTA Scrapbooks - 11/2/3

Columbia County Council of PTA Programs (8 Booklets), 1946-66
    The booklets include officer lists, programs for the year with theme, poems and prayers

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