College of Education

Ben Franklin Training School

Parent Teacher Association Scrapbooks, 1943-1962


Box 1: Parent Teacher Association Scrapbooks (6 Books), 1943-49

Box 2: Parent Teacher Association Scrapbooks (10 Books), 1949-57, 1959-62

    List of student names for every grade, their address, and their teacher's name
    Picture and information of the current President of the PTA and of the Principal of the training school
    Newspaper clippings reporting on the current year's events
    List of members in each committee along with a description of their plans for the year
    Medical Record Form
    Membership list
    Membership card
    Song sheet
    Lists of preceding presidents
    Many publications advertising the war effort during World War II
    Pictures of:
            Benjamin Franklin Training School
            Supervised play
            Students in groups
            Carver Hall
            Field Trips
    Letters to parents
    School pictures of each grade
    Finance committee:
        List of committee members, budget, and treasurer's report
    Flyers of the PTA
    Gold leaf award
    Magazine of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers
    Flyers stating "Ten Good Reasons for Joining the PTA"
    Memos to parents

Each scrapbook from year to year contains very similar documents.

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Updated 10/1/12