College of Education

Ben Franklin Training School

Parent Teacher Association Account Books, 1927-1967


Box 1:
Parent Teacher Association Account Books (3 Books), 1927-67

    Collections of Membership Dues, 1927-37
        Lists the names of the PTA members that paid their membership dues, the amounts they paid, and when they paid
    Treasurer's Reports, 1930-37
        Includes the monthly totals of
            Amount of cash on hand
            Amount of cash paid out
            Amount of dues and other cash received
            Ending cash balance

    Treasurer's Reports, 1937-40
    Membership dues collection, 1937-40
    Statements for the Year, 1938-40
        Includes total
            Balance on the books
            Cash on hand or in the bank
            All of these also include the audit date and who it was audited by

    Cash Receipts and Cash Collections Journals, 1964-67
        Includes name of payer and name of recipient. Also includes dates and amounts
        Yearly summaries of the cash receipts and cash payments journals, September 1964 - May 1967
            Includes total
                Amounts per month
                    Also includes date of audit, who it was audited by, and their signature

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Updated 10/1/12