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H. Benjamin Powell Papers, 1968-1998


Box 1:
Bob and Dean McNett Correspondence and Obituary, 1993-1995
    Includes letters, notes, radio corral list
Copyright Permission
    "A Guide for Noncommercial use from the Association of American Publishers Copyright of Thesis", January 1969
Copyright of Thesis 1969
    For his work titled "Coal, Philadelphia, And the Schuylkill"
Editorial Work (4 Folders)
    Includes copies of each publication he edited for the periodical "Pennsylvania History"
        Pennsylvania History, October 1973 issue
        Pinchot, Prohibition, and Public Utilities: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party and the Election of 1930 by Irwin F. Greenberg
        Jacobinism Crushed: An episode Concerning Justice in Colonial Pennsylvania by Thomas Wendel
        A Petition of Philadelphia Artists by Thomas B. Brumbaugh
        Philadelphia Merchants and the First Continental Congress by Robert F. Oaks
        Colonel Henry Bouquet's Ohio Expedition in the year 1764 by Paul K. Adams
        Did a Cabal, Involving Conway, Exist to Supplant Washington? by Gloria E. Brenneman
        The Pennsylvania Sunday Blue Laws of 1779: A View of Pennsylvania Society and Politics During the American Revolution by J. Thomas Jable
        The Location of the Platform from Which Lincoln Delivered the Gettysburg Address by Frederick Tilberg
        The Fries Rebellion: Social Violence and the Politics of the New Nation by Peter Levine
        The Democracy in a Dilemma: Dallas, Pennsylvania and the Election of 1844 by John M. Belohlavek
        Reviews of book published in 1971
        The Natural Ice Industry of Philadelphia in the Nineteenth Century by Vertie Knapp
        The Battle to End Discrimination Against Negroes on Philadelphia Streetcars, Part I by Philip S. Foner
        Benjamin Franklin's View of the Negro and Slavery by William E. Juhnke
        Longwood Meeting: Public Forum for the American Democratic Faith by Albert J. Wahl
        The End of Colonialism in the Middle Atlantic Iron Industry by Joseph E. Walker
        The Battle to End Discrimination Against Negroes on Philadelphia Streetcars, Part II by Philip S. Foner
        The Background of Benjamin Franklin's Imperial Apostasy 1751- 1766 by Kirk Willis
        Buchanan's Patronage Policy: President James Buchanan and Rotation in Public Office by David Meerse
Professional Career and Accomplishments, 1968-1998
    Includes his American Historical Association professional register VITA form, newspaper articles about him, memorandums, invitations, and
    letters of congratulations
Publications, 1971-1996
    Coal and Pennsylvania's Transportation Policy, 1825-1828, 1971
    Establishing the Anthracite Boomtown of Mauch Chunk, 1814-1825: Selected Documents, 1974
    The Pennsylvania Anthracite Industry, 1769-1976, 1980 (2 copies)
    A History of McNett Country Music: Conversations with Bob and Dean McNett, Summer 1988
    "Radio Corral 1950-1980" in Carver Journal, 1996
    The Country Music Education of Bob and Dean McNett
    The Bob and Dean McNett Story with the Humor and Personalities Involved in Their Country Music Business
Teaching and Research Files
    Anthracite Chronology
    APSCUF Contract, 1990-93
        Includes proposed one year extension of current collective bargaining agreement and copy of Powell's 1991 Federal Taxable Wages
    BSC Faculty (9 Folders), 1968-80
        Includes newspaper clippings regarding BSC faculty
    Country Music Concert, 1991
        Includes Bloom Fest 1991 Schedule, newspaper articles, letters, biography of Bill Monroe, memorandums
    Literature Books
        History of the American Economy, Fall 1990
        History of American Business
        The Oxford History of the American People, Volumes 1 and 2
    Newspapers held by BSC Library, 1972
        List of newspapers
    Pennsylvania Historical Association Annual Meeting, 1989
        Includes notices of meetings and letters
    Penn State Press, 1993-97
        Pennsylvania books catalog, 1995; Assignment of copyright to publish "Philadelphia's First Fuel Crisis; Penn State Press: History 1993-1994" catalog
    Williamsport Sun Newspaper, 1952-56
        Includes copies of pages from 1952, 1953, 1955, and 1956 with ads for the Radio Corral
Grade books and Syllabi (18 Books, 1 Folder), 1966-95
    Grade books, 1966-95 [RESTRICTED]
        Includes course and section number, student's first and last name, grades throughout the year, and final grade
    Syllabi, 1974
        Includes course number, office hours, course description, textbooks, grade calculation, and materials to be covered
Computer Diskettes (3 boxes)
    Mac Files on 3.5" diskettes for Bob and Dean McNett Research and History Department Work

Box 2:
Audio Lecture Tapes
    1. Entrepreneur
    2. Transportation Projects
    3. Old World Origins
    4. Critical Changes in the Financial System
    5. Development of Money and Banking 1781-1860
    6. Development of New World Merchants
    7. Key American Industries 1789-1860
    8. Business in the Revolutionary Era 1776-1789
    9. Domestic and Foreign Commerce 1783-1860
    10. Twilight of the All Purpose Merchant 1790-1840
    11. Development of Financial Services 1782-1860
    12. Spread of the Factory System1860-1914
    13. The Advent of Big Business 1860-1914
    14. Labor in the Industrial Society1860-1914
    15. The Development of Labor Unions 1860-1914
    16. Building National Railroad and Communication Networks 1860-1914
    17. The Financial System Under Stress 1860-1914
    18. Development of Money and Banking 1860-1914
    19. National and World Markets for Mass Production 1860-1914
    20. Industrialization: Expansion and Extension 1860-1914
    21. Creating Big Business in Steel Andrew Carnegie
    22. Creating Big Business
    23. The Business of Inventing Thomas Edison
    24. Reacting to Industrialism 1870-1910
    25. Acceptance of Big Business 1900-1920
    26. Henry Ford and the Advent of the Auto Ind. 1863-1947
    27. The Challenge of General Motors
    28. Business in an Urban Age

    2. Stages of American Capitalism
    4. The Commercial Revolution in Europe 1300-1600
    5. New World Beginnings
    6. Beginnings of Industrial Revolution in America 1789-1860
    7. The British Imperial System 1600-1776
    8. Anthracite and the Industrial Revolution
    9. Eli Whitney: Artist of His Country 1765-1825
    10. Economic Growth and Social Welfare 1783-1860
    11. Continental Expansion and the Modernization of Agriculture 1860-1914
    12. Innovations in Transportation
    13. American Canal System 1789-1860
    14. Innovations in Distribution 1790-1860
    15. Origins of Industrial Revolution in America 1760-1860
    16. Early Industrial Growth 1783-1860
    17. Cyrus McCormick Pioneer in Big Business
    18. Creating the Railroad System 1825-1914
    19. Reacting to American Railroads 1850-1914
    20. Science Based Industries 1914-1989
    21. Big Business in the 20th Century
    22. Toward a Second Agricultural Revolution 1914-P
    25. Domestic and Foreign Markets 1914-1985
    28. Banking and the Federal Reserve System 1913-P
    29. Development of Financial Services 1860-1985
    34. Major Modern Industries: Steel and Oil
    35. Major Modern Industries: Telecommunications and Automobiles
    36. Major Modern Industries: Broadcasting and Computers

Unnumbered Lectures:
    Anthracite and the Industrial Revolution (2 tapes)
    Powell, Jacob Cist 1987
    Revolution in Transportation and Communication 1789-1860

Microcassette Lecture Tapes
    U.S. Economic History 20th Century, November 1988
    U.S. Economic History 20th Century, December 1988
    Kenn McNett Family Background, July 1989
    Bob McNett Square Dancing and Radio Corral, July 1989
    Bob McNett Songs, July 1989
    Two additional unidentified tapes

Video Tape:
    Rural Enterprise Development Corporation

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