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Student Research Papers, 1939-2007


Box 1:

Alfred Keller: A Major Orangeville Influence/ Tara L. Yost, December 14, 1987.

An American in France: From a Manuscript by A. Draper Dewees/ Scott Musselman, n.d.

The American Revolutionary Soldier of Northumberland County: Class Status and Economic Mobility/
            John O'Brien, August 22, 1975.

An Analysis of the Community Leadership of John Gosse Freeze 1860-1880/ James H. Neiswender, n.d.

Anthracite under the Blue Eagle/ Donald A. Ruud, January 5, 1968.

The Bell Tolls/ Keith Alan Seroka, May 12, 1989.

Benton versus Bloomsburg in County Sports: A Psychological Rivalry, 1920-1930/
            Karl H. Zimmerman, December 16 1973.

The Bloomsburg Country Club: What did happen and what could have?/ Bill Brooks, 1993.

Bloomsburg's Reactions to the Floods of 1936 and 1972/ Emily Rupert, May 11, 2001.

Bloomsburg State Teachers College and the V-12 Program during World War II/ Megan Engle, 2001.

Bloomsburg's War At Home: Anti-War and Pro-War Protestors in the Town and State College
            of Bloomsburg Pennsylvania/ Jay William Llewellyn II, December 15, 2006.

The Circus in Bloomsburg from 1865-1900/ Max C. Miller, May 17, 1973.

Communist Influences in the Mexican Labor Movement/ Richard Parks, 1974.

Community-Normal Relations in the 1920s/ George Neuhauser, 1984.

Danville: 1887-1891/ Linda F. Mensch, December 12, 1972.

Depression in Bloomsburg: 1931-33/ Josephine M. Crossley, n.d.

The Development of Berwick's Public Schools/ Joyce MacDougall, n.d.

The Diaries of Mae Connor and Marjorie Megargle/ Justina H. Veazie, May 4, 1988.

Early Shamokin: Traders, Travelers, and Missionaries/ Michael Keller, May 10, 1976.

The Economic Development of Turbitt and Point Township of Northumberland County from 1808-1826/
            Gary L. Snyder, December 13, 1968.

The Economic Evolution of Conyngham Township 1870-1900/ David B. Geltzer, August 1968.

Economic Evolution of Mifflin Township, 1870-1900/ Violet Kratzer, August 9, 1968.

An Economic and Political History of the West Branch Valley/ H. Grant Lunger, Summer 1939.

An Economic Profile of Orangeville, PA 1930-34/ Dave Kennedy, December 16, 1988.

Economy of Orangeville, n.d.

The Farmer Invades Schuylkill County's Dark Ages/ Jean Louise Klinger, May 25, 1971.

Farming in Orangeville During the Thirties: More Than Just Survival/ Gregory A. Tobias, May 6, 1988.

Federal Relief Programs: Orangeville 1930's/ Dale Shobert, December 14, 1987.

Flour Milling in Pennsylvania 1800-1900/ Bruce Kindt, January 6, 1972.

The Formation of a Vigilante Group in Girardville/ Joseph P. Griffiths, January 18, 1972.

The Ghost Town of Masten, Pennsylvania/ Gwenllian Klus, January 1972.

The G.I Bill at Bloomsburg State Teachers College and Harvard University: The Democratization
            of Higher Education?/ Karen Brennan, May 6, 2007.

Going the Extra Yard/ Kevin Wallace, December 14, 1987.

Government in Mahanoy Basin 1860-1900/ Robert T. Fallan, May 10, 1972.

The Government that Governs Least, Governs Best/ Diane Rude, May 1, 1987.

The Great Gadfly Controversy/ Aileen Krauskopf, Spring 2005.

Haym Saloman/ Edith Tormay, c. 1950.

History of the Evangelical and Reformed Church of Orangeville/ James O'Toole, May 4, 1987.

History of the Orangeville Evangelical and Reformed Church in the 1930's/ Michael J. Treacy,
            December 14, 1987.

History of Schulykill County/ Margaret Kostenbauder, n.d.

An Image of England: The Failure of the Columbian/ Sue Sheaffer, January 14, 1972.

The Image of Japan in Montour County, 1870-1900/ Machiko Kamiya, August 13, 1971.

The Image of Pennsylvania's Economic Development as seen by Pennsylvania Magazines, 1812-1825, n.d.

The Independent, Self-Sufficing Orangeville Farmer of the Thirties/ Tim Feusner, May 10, 1988.

The Iron Industry/ Kenneth D. Wagner, May 15, 1953.

The Iron Industry of Columbia County/ Robert Hileman, May 13, 1948.

Box 2:

Leadership in Columbia County Prior to 1915/ Ellen M. Shultz, May 13, 1972.

The Life of an American Soldier near the end of and after World War I/ Max C. Miller Jr., n.d.

Local Organizations: Hope for the Bloomsburg Needy in 1931/ Josephine M. Crossley, January 1971.

Lumbering: Its Long Lasting Effect on Williamsport/ Jeffrey Gray, May 9, 1985.

Mahanoy City 1863-1874/ Robert T. Fallan, December 12, 1972.

Methodist Episcopalian Church 1930-1939: Needed Network or Soulless Structure/
            Stacey Zettlemoyer, December 14, 1987.

Military Men of Pennsylvania/ Marion Wallace, August 6, 1943.

MMM (Magnificent Molly Maguires)/ Sandra J. Scott, January 18, 1971.

1930's: Negligible Damage to Orangeville's Quality of Life/ Michael Williams, December 14, 1987.

North Branch Canal 1825-1840/ C. Tomlinson, May 20, 1969.

The Occupational and Social Mobility of Miners and Laborers in Conyngham Township, 1870-1880/
            Pattie Quinn, May 18, 1970.

Orangeville 1930's State and Local Welfare/ Mary Beth Gallagher, Fall 1987.

Orangeville in the 1930s - An Economic Profile of a Community Unhindered by the Great Depression/
            John Bachman, Spring 1988.

Orangeville: 1935 A Map of the Borough: A Map of Change/ John Paul Thomas, May 10, 1988.

Orangeville and the 1936 Election/ Nicole M. Timoney, n.d.

Orangeville in the 1940's: A Community that Works Together Stays Together/
            Lynne Ernst, May 12, 1989.

Orangeville Borough, PA: The Swing to Republicanism-1932/ James A. Perrotta, December 17, 1988.

Orangeville: An Economic Profile of 1940/ Rakesh Sharma, April 28, 1989.

Orangeville: The Horse Business and Farming in the 1930's/ John Sweeney, n.d.

Orangeville Manufacturing Company/ Joseph Silimperi, Spring 1989.

Orangeville PA: The Affect of the Great Depression/ Matt Maturani, 1987.

Orangeville PA: The Effects of the Great Depression - Paper Synthesis/ Marcie Ambruzzese, 1989.

Orangeville in the Twenties and Thirties/ Richard Anderson, 1987.

Political Choices of Orangeville: 1935-1936/ Stephen Peters, Jr., December 14, 1987.

Political Preferences and Roles in Orangeville in 1930/ Jozsef Horvath, December 14, 1987.

Pottsville at Play in the 1840's/ Dale Eckert, n.d.

Presidential Voting Patterns in McAdoo, Pennsylvania (1936-1960)/
            Ronald J. Meleski, January 1972.

Profile of the Leadership Requirements in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 1860-1876, May 6, 1969.

Railroad Regulation in Pennsylvania 1870-1885/ John Stahl, January 17, 1970.

The Reading Iron Company, A Significant Part of Danville's Past/ Frank Wilson, December 12, 1986.

The Reading Railroad and the Coal Industry/ Michael E. Corcoran, May 1972.

The Renaissance Hospital: Two Sides to the Story/ Joseph Jacko, May 4, 1984.

The Republican Influence on Orangeville: The 1940 Presidential Election/
            David J. Reagan, May 10, 1988.

The Republican Surge of Orangeville, Pennsylvania in the 1920's/
            John T. Piccioni, December 12, 1988.

In Search of Welfare and Assistance in Orangeville Borough/ Janko Williams, n.d.

Shamokin 1929-32: A Time of Hardship/ Frank Bruskey, May 8, 1974.

A Short History of the West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna/ Hannah K. Rhawn, n.d.

Social Leadership in Pottsville 1850-1860/ Robert T. Fallan, December 21, 1972.

Stability of a Community during the "Great Depression" crisis: Orangeville, PA Map
            and Directory 1933-34/ Colleen Daly, Fall 1988.

Stephen Girard 1750-1831/Robert W. Hammers, July 25, 1949.

Strip Mining in Pennsylvania/ Joseph Grande, April 22, 1949.

Students Struggle for Change at Bloomsburg State College/ Brian O' Neill, c. 2005.

The Swing to Republicanism in Orangeville: 1940/ Kenny Moore, May 10, 1988.

The United Methodist Church and Its Involvement in Orangeville/ Owen Miers, April 30, 1987.

Upper Susquehanna Valley in the Nineteenth Century Economic Development in Sunbury/Northumberland
            Between the Years 1838-1849/ Ronald L. Himes, August 6, 1971.

Volunteerism and the Churches of Orangeville: A Source of Hope and Help?/ Harold M. Kahler, May 6, 1988.

Voting Patterns of Orangeville, n.d.

William Henry Stiegel/ Vivian Carey, March 21, 1951.

William Jessup and Early Anti-Slavery Sentiment in Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1836-1839/
            Robert M. Cunningham, May 1971.

The WPA in Orangeville/ Bryan Balch, May 8, 1988.


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