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Papers, 1932-1981



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Stamm grew up in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. She graduated high school from Berkeley Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She received her Bachelors degree in English from Mount Holyoke College in 1935. Stamm received her Masters from the University of Pennsylvania in 1951. In 1959 she received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. She taught at Mount Holyoke, Bradford Junior College, Susquehanna University, Cedar Crest College, Muhlenberg College and Bloomsburg State college beginning in 1965. She belonged to several affiliations that included the Modern Language Association, Pennsylvania State Council of Teachers of English and the American Association of University Women. Besides teaching she was the editor of Charm Magazine and the secretary in McCall's editorial offices. She contributed several publications during her life. They included three professional articles, five freelance publications and nine poems. During her tenure at Bloomsburg State College she specialized in Shakespeare and Elizabethan literature. She retired from Bloomsburg State College in 1977. On December 8, 1983 she passed away at the age of seventy.

Scope and Content

The collection on Janet Stamm contains documents spanning her professional years and her personal life. The first box of material is covers her years at Mount Holyoke college, Cedar Crest College and the University of Pennsylvania. The third box contains documents and letters in regards to her personal life.



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Box Summaries

Box 1

Mount Holyoke

            This section contains information on Stamm's student years at Mount Holyoke College. The bound edition of the Mount Holyoke 1932 and 1935 yearbooks and her 1935 diploma are in the section. Various Mount Holyoke papers and alumni Magazines are also in the collection. Documents including pamphlets and correspondence regarding her 1960 Mount Holyoke Reunion are included as well. The second box contains information from her career at Muhlenberg College and Bloomsburg State College.            

Cedar Crest College

            Information and documents regarding Stamm's tenure at Cedar Crest College are contained in this section. The documents include the Cedar Crest College bulletin and notes. Her ratings from students and pictures are also in this section. 

University of Pennsylvania

            This section contains information and documents from when Stamm was a student at the University of Pennsylvania. Many of her student notebooks are saved in this box. The notebooks are handwritten and bound.  

Box 2

Muhlenberg College

            This section includes information from Stamm's Tenure at Muhlenberg College. Correspondence regarding Stamm's salary with administrators exists in this section. Articles on her from the time period are also present in the collection.  


            This category includes information from Stamm's tenure at Bloomsburg State College. Letters and other correspondence regarding Dr. Porters fact finding Committee are found in this section. Pamphlets on the American Association of University Women exist in this section. Several news clippings, some note cards and her obituary are also found in this box. Biographical information and employment information is also in the box. Stamm's material on her mini-course entitled How to Read a Play and the paper advertisement appear in the collection. Her notes regarding language therapy and her correspondence with Harvey B. Sarles and Dr. Millen are also contained in this section. Stamm also collected a retirement article on Martin Satz. Her Stevens War Industries training certificate is also in the collection along with news paper clippings on her professorship and student letters. Her sabbatical request and invoices regarding her sabbatical exist in the section. A collection of articles regarding Dr. Stamm's petition for promotion at Muhlenberg College, her rejection and student protests in regards to it are also kept in this section.  

Personal Items

            This category contains information about her father and religious affiliations. There is information about her attempt to put together an archival collection on her late father, Frederick K. Stamm, who was a well known evangelical leader. Her correspondence with the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society is also included. Much of the correspondence is about obtaining information about her father. She also has letters to George H. Bicker about her father's collection. 

Box 3

Janet Stamm, Personal Items

            This box contains more information from Dr. Janet Stamm's personal life. There are many documents on Dr. Stamm's mother including her notebook, estate papers, will, estate payments and sympathy cards after the woman passed away. Another set of documents in the section pertains to Dr. Stamm's hospital stay at St. Lukes Hospital. The documents cover a dispute for payment of items lost by hospital staff. Also, there are documents covering the itinerary of Dr. Stamm's trip to Europe in 1970. Dr. Stamm's resume is also included in this box. Her script of Etched in the moonlight along with correspondence regarding radio adaptation exists in the collection as well. Correspondence for her story Young Minister is also maintained in the section. There is also a copy of Paradox and Vice Versa along with a copy of the copy right registration in the box. Her original notes and draft for The Blind Weaver, The Onlie Begetter, My Scars, What are Yours, You, Too, Can be Committed are in this holding. There are copies of the following articles by Janet Stamm: Half Mask, Growing Pains, When Souls Go Down, I Love the Country, Style and Especially Taste and Sick Transit. There are also documents pertaining to the correspondence between Dr. Stamm and Elizabeth Otis, her agent.


Folder Listing

Box 1
Mount Holyoke
Llamorada 1932, 1935
Diploma, 1935
The Sphinx, Mount Holyoke Monthly, 1932-1934
Books with J.S.' publishing's in them
Mount Holyoke Commencement Exercises, 1935
Mount Holyoke Papers and Alumni Quarterly, 1947, 1972
Mount Holyoke 25th Reunion, 1960
Mount Holyoke Correspondence, 1972
Cedar Crest College
Notes and Correspondence, 1952-1954
University of Pennsylvania
Conferring of Degrees, 1951, 1959
Diplomas (oversize)
Masters and Doctrine
Notebooks (2), 1955-1958
General Class Notes (2 folders), 1950-1951
Green Pastures
King Lear, Othello
Literary Criticism
Prelims: Reading and Study
Seminar Paper: 17th Century Poetry
Thomas Heywood
Passage to India (Forster), 1947
Plays, 1950
Seminar and American Literature, 1948-1951
American Fiction, Amer. Soc. & Cult. U.S. since '65, Amer. Soc. & Cult. History
Bradley Paper: Dev. Of Amer. Lang. in Lit called "American." 1949
English Lit: Bolles, 1950
Plays of Oscar Wilde, 1950
Murray's Keats & Shakespeare, 1950
Contemporary Prose (Bolles), 1950-1951
Modern English Drama, 1950-1951
Shakespeare Paper: Comedies, 1951
Heywood Paper, 1951
Victorian Literature, 1955-1956
Jacobean Poetry and Prose, 1956
Modern Philosophy, 1956
American Drama, 1956 
Report: M.M. Mathood, Poetry and Humanism, 1956
Shakespeare: The plays, lectures... 1956-1971

Box 2
Muhlenberg College
Muhlenberg Contracts, 1958-1963
Muhlenberg College Publications, 1960-1962
Various Papers, 1960-1964
Festival of Arts Speech, 1966
        Ciarla, 1964-1966
Bloomsburg State College
AAUP fact-finding committee on Porter/Skehan, 1970-1973
AAUW (American Association of University Women), 1978-1981
Bibliography: to check out
Basic data, jobs, publications, affiliations, letters from students... 1962-1983
Bloomsburg Art Program
Bloomsburg Local Paper (2 folders), 1970-1979
        Letters and publications in The Morning Press
Bloomsburg Olympian, 1969
Bloomsburg State College Years (4 folders), 1966-1981
        Letters and notes
Chinese Linguistics, 1972
Clippings, 1977
Many regarding retirement
Department of English Chair's file, 1965-1978
"How to Read a Play", 1979
Language Therapy, 1964-1965
Martin Satz, 1978
Memos, 1961-1972
TV Piotrowski, 1977
Progress Reports and notes, 1978
Publicity, 1961-1972
Sabbatical Request (2 folders), 1973-1974
Speech: "Do you speak English?"
Student Demonstration, 1965
The Comic Vision, 1964-1976
The Fiasco, A.S.H. data, 1964
Thompson Report on Teaching Visitation, 1966
TV Special: poem, music, dance, The Blind Weaver, 1975
Personal Items
Materials on making archives on father, Frederick K. Stamm (2 folders), 1975-1979
Information from Evangelical's and Reformers Historical Society (2 folders), 1947-1976

Box 3
Janet Stamm, personal items
Mother's Notebook
Letters re: mother, 1963-1968
Mother's affairs and address book
Mother- to write notes
Information on father, 1969-1975
Correspondence, 1946-1972
Cards, notes and notebook on St. Luke's Hospital, 1948-1949
Letters, Clippings, and Cards, 1953-1979
Trip to Europe, 1970
Faculty Show for Radio Program, 1950
Etched in Moonlight, 1946-1949 
Young Minister, in small town (potential novel), 1942
Paradox and Vice Versa (4 folders), 1970-1979
Growing Pains
The Sick Transit of Gloria Monday
The Blind Weaver
Man is the Subject/Object
Small Latin and Less Greek
You Too, Can Be Committed, 1962-1963
The Onlie Begetter
My Scars, What are yours?
Under the Bed Land (oversize)
Quiet Room, poem, description, letter, and article covering
Cartoons and Pix
Poems (3 folders)
Articles and Ideas
Possible informal essays
Potential Narratives
Notes on Disposition, 1975
Inquiry (2 folders)
Novel (2 folders)
Merch. as movie- notes
Complete MSS (not good enough to send out, too good to throw away
Yankee Writing Service samples
MSS out: queries, 1978
Ambiance Magazine, 1978
Agent, 1968-1975
Language Therapy: Experiment, 1949-1950
Shakespeare Studies, 1964-1965
Shakespeare's Fools (performance)
Writhe Soul, script by J. Ksyniak, 1981
Advertising samples (oversize)
Artwork samples (oversize)
Scrapbooks about herself (oversize)

Box 4:
Photographs, 1930s-1970s
Books, Pamphlets, and Magazines (2 folders), 1942-1950


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