Cecil C. Seronsy
Papers, 1926-1981



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He was born in 1908 in Ohio. He earned his BA in English at the University of Virginia and his Masters and PhD from Harvard University. He published one book, Samuel Daniel in 1967. He also published many articles in journals that included Modern Language Notes, Shakespeare Quarterly and Harvard Library Bulletin. His wife, Louise, was a professor of Psychology at Bloomsburg State College. He and his Wife both retired in 1973. He had taught at Bloomsburg State College for twenty one years. He contributed a Renaissance collection of rare books to the old Andruss Library when he retired. Seronsy died in October of 1981.

Scope and Content

Dr. Cecil C. Seronsy's papers span five boxes. The first box is primarily notes from his university years as a student. The second box is mostly devoted to his years as a professor at Bloomsburg State College. The third box is devoted to his dissertation on Samuel Daniel. The fourth box contains listings of publications while the final box is devoted to mostly personal affairs.



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Box Summaries

Box 1

University of Chicago

            Notebooks containing his class notes from his time at the University of Chicago are in this section. 

University of Virginia

            This section contains class notes from his studies at the University of Virginia.  

Harvard University

            Six notebooks of his class notes from Harvard University are in this file. His essay exams from classes and examination books exist in this section. An essay on Fielding is also present. His thesis on Studies in Samuel Daniel and correspondence and information regarding his dissertation are in the section. 

Box 2

Bloomsburg University

            There are course outlines from the various classes that Cecil Seronsy taught while at Bloomsburg State College. Note cards from his lectures have also been saved in the collection. Books that he annotated are also found within the box.  

Box 3

Samuel Daniel

            This box contains the book that was published in 1967 called Samuel Daniel. There are also many notes on the book. Royalty statements and proofs of the book are also held in the section. Book contracts with Twayne Publishers and correspondence with them are in the collection. The box also contains Dr. Seronsy's sabbatical requests to do research on Samuel Daniel.  A copy of Daniel's Funeral Poem is also held in the collection. There are notes for every section of the poem. Dr. Seronsy also saved several book by other authors on Samuel Daniel that are in the collection.  

Box 4

            This box contains a list of publishings for Seronsy. A letter of acceptance to the archives from Roger W. Fromm to Louis Seronsy is also in this box. Journals held in the box include: Notes and Queries, Poetical Works, Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Philological Quarterly, Shakespeare Quarterly, Torch, Keats-Shelley Journal, Modern Language Review, Explicator, Educational Forum, American Speech, The Lock Haven Bulletin, English Language Notes, and The Huntington Library Quarterly.

Box 5

Personal Items

            This section contains Dr. Seronsy's personal employment documents. Transcripts from college and birth records are found in this box. College transcripts include Harvard, University of Virginia, Youngstown College and his provisional high school certificate. His personal letters exist in this section as well. Photos from tips and portrait photos are also available in this section. New paper clippings on his retirement and his wife, Louise's retirement are in the section too. His obituary is also located in the collection. 


            This section contains his Torch paper and the draft for Much Multiplying of books. Notes taken on the essays are also in the folder. Reviews from Shakespeare Quarterly are also in the collection. His essay entitled Sir Politic Would-be in Laputa along with its rejection letter for publication is also in the section. An essay on the Taming of the Shrew that he wrote along with its rejection letter for publication exists in the file as well. There are other articles that were submitted for publication but were rejected for publication in the section. Other professional letters and correspondence exist in the box as well. Employment listings and data sheets are also contained in the section. 

Sent to Seronsy

            This category contains a copy of Jim Kelley written to Cecil Seronsy by Hiram K. Baird. There are also letters from students to Dr. Seronsy asking for letters of recommendation to graduate school. Letters of gratitude from students are also held along with the letters of recommendation in the collection.


Folder Listing

Box 1
Lowellville High School Diploma, 1926 (oversize)
University of Chicago 
        Class notes
University of Virginia
        Class notes, 1928
        B.A. Diploma, 1930 (oversize)
        Certificates, 1927-1980 (oversize)
        Certificate of Immediate Honors, 1929
        Dean's List, 1927-1930
        Thomas Jefferson Society of Alumni, 1980
Harvard University
        Class notes (6 notebooks)
        Literary Criticism-F.W. Chandler
        Course Outlines, exams, 1947-1950
        Harvard Tutorial Biography, 1945-1948
        Class Material-Humanities 4 and Petrarch, 1950-1951
        Course Papers, 1938-1939 (4 folders)
        Coleridge notes
        Narrative Poetry, 1954
        Harvard Doctoral Dissertation
        Thesis: Studies in Samuel Daniel, 1951
        Notes (3 folders)
        Samuel Daniel-Life and Contemporary Reputation
        Samuel Daniel-Life, correspondence
        Notes and papers
        M.A. Diploma, 1939 (oversize)
        PhD Diploma, 1952 (oversize)

Box 2
Bloomsburg University (teaching)
Class Outlines, 1955-1973
Lecture notes (index cards)
Books annotated by Cecil Seronsy (Added to Special Collections)
        American Poetry and Prose 
        Anthology of Romanticism
        Antony and Cleopatra
        The Complete Works of Shakespeare
        The Development of Modern English
        The Elizabethan World Picture
        The Golden Hind
        Poetry of the English Renaissance
        The Province of Prose
        Seventeenth Century Prose & Poetry (1st ed.)
        Seventeenth Century Prose & Poetry (2nd ed.)
        World Masterpieces, vol. 1 & 2 (1st ed.)
        World Masterpieces, vol. 1 & 2 (2nd ed.)
        Writers of the Western World 

A Chaucer Reader (annotated by Seronsy, included in box)
Bloomsburg Publications, 1957-1972
        Alumni Quarterly
English Department retirement testimonial, 1973
        Certificate (oversize)
        Signed Guest Sheet (oversize)
Photograph with students, 20x17 (oversize)

Box 3
Samuel Daniel, by Cecil Seronsy, published 1967
Research notes (index cards)
Books used:
        Samuel Daniel
        Samuel Daniel: a Critical and Biographical Study
        Samuel Daniel: a Concise Bibliography
Draft of book
Carbon Copy and some royalty statements
Correspondence with Twayne Publishers, 1962-1967
Research at Henry Huntingdon Library, 1961-1964 (2 folders)
Notes on each chapter
Daniel's Funeral Poem (2 folders)
    1. The Beginnings
    2. Early Poetry: Sonnet and Narrative
    3. Senecan and Closet-Drama
    4. Historian in Verse
    5. Poet Philosophical
    6. New Associations and Changing Fortune
    7. Another Kind of Drama
    8. The Prose History and Last Days
    9. Poet and Thinker
Microfilm copy of Hymen's Triumph

A Seronsy Bibliography (list provided inside)
    Includes 37 publications from 1952 to 1967

Personal Items
Personal data, 1953-1968
Employment documents, 1959-1972
Transcript and records, 1927-1963
College business and correspondence, 1963-1971
Retirement, 1973
Local Publicity, 1959-1976
Death Notices, 1981
Re: Cecil Seronsy after death, 1982
Columbia-Montour Torch Club, 1962-1970
Print, "Modern Tourists" (oversize)
Torch Paper, 1965
Shakespeare Quarterly, 1963-1965
"Sir Politic Would-be in Laputa"
Shrew, 1958-1963
Articles submitted and correspondence, 1963-1964
Research and professional correspondence, 1951-1979 (2 folders)
Correspondence re: publications, 1964-1965
The Lane, MS
Ideas on English Composition, 1961-1962
Sent to Seronsy
Jim Kelley, by Hiram K. Baird 
Centaurian Flight and other poems, by Percival R. Roberts, III
Articles of others, 1937-1967
Graduate Fellowships, recommendation, letters, 1955-1977
Letters of Recommendation, 1961-1981 (2 folders)


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