Susan Rusinko
Papers, 1968-1997



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Rusinko was born in Berwick on October 22, 1922. She graduated from Berwick high school in 1940. She obtained a BA in English from Wheaton College in 1948 then went on to get her masters in English from Pennsylvania State University in 1950. While she was a professor at Bloomsburg University she was the chairperson for the first organized arts series at the university in the 1960s. She coordinated London theater study trips in 1983, 1987 and in 1988. She also received her PhD from Pennsylvania State University. She began teaching at Bloomsburg University in 1959 till she retired in 1991. She wrote over sixty book reviews and over thirty articles. She wrote six books. They included novels on the playwrights Terrance Rattigan (1983), Tom Stoppard (1986), Benn Levy (1994) and Joe Orton (1995). She wrote a study called British Drama: 1950 to Present: A critical History that was published in 1989. Her final book was completed just prior to her death on September 24, 1997.

Scope and Content

The Susan Rusinko Papers span ten boxes. The documents contained in the collection contain information regarding her publications, trips, teaching career and personal affairs. The first box contains information on articles and reviews she wrote and correspondence with coworkers and friends. The second box contains information on her various trips. The third box contains articles she collected that pertained to her thesis after she wrote it. The fourth box contains her dissertation and associated materials. Information on Terrance Rattigan is held in the fifth box. The sixth box contains documents on Tom Stoppard. The seventh box has information on Ben Levy. Documents on Joe Orton are devoted to the ninth box in the collection. Material from The Shaw and Other Matters is held in the tenth and final box of Rusinko's collection.



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Box Summaries

Box 1

Articles / Reviews

            This category contains a variety of material. There is a great deal of secondary material along with biographies of playwrights. Rusinko kept copies of acknowledgments and revisions she made on other authors works. She also had a collection of copies of her own encyclopedia entries. They came from publications including World Literature Today, Cyclopedia of Literary Characters II, Cyclopedia of World Authors II, and Master Plots II. Also included in this category are brochures Rusinko kept from Shaw Festivals. There are also summaries and analysis of plays. Book Reviews on Rusinko's books can also be found in this section. Some of the secondary articles in the collection have Rusinko's notes on them. Some Rusinko's own articles have notes along with revisions from earlier articles. Also, brochures from lectures that Rusinko gave are included. 

Correspondence / E-Mails

            This section contains some of her professional and personal associations. Reports from classroom observations and student evaluations are included in this category. Also, the files Rusinko kept on Dr. Dale Anderson while she was department head are available in this section. This includes Rusinko's letters to Anderson, student complaints, and a copy of the academic grievance filed. Lastly there are letters between Rusinko and her publishers. 

Subject Files

            This category has more personal and professional material from Rusinko. Included in this section are news paper clippings of arts festivals and clippings from a hit and run on her car. Copies of various poems she liked. The box contains a listing of The Rusinko Collection and Grove Press donations to the collection. Also, a list of initial donors is in the file. Copies of photo usage fee agreements and copyrights are preserved in this section. Documents on royalty fee agreements and publishing agreements are also found in this section. More student evaluations and student responses are kept in this file. Copies of her publications in World Literature Today also exist. There is also a copy of the Winter 1985 edition of World Literature Today. 

Box 2


            This section contains information on the plethora of trips that Rusinko took. Included in these files are tourist booklets, Moscow news and postcards. London theatre Tip documents are also included. Her hotel and agenda information is also located in this box.  

Theater Information

            An avid playgoer and reviewer, Rusinko left a lot of information on theater. Among the articles included is a directory of theater research and copies of plays from various authors. There are copies of Theater Museum study room requests. A collection of articles about London Theater can also be found. Lists of play openings and closings were also kept by Rusinko in this collection. Finally Play Bills from 1988, 1991 and 1992 are also in this file.  

Box 3

Harold Printer after Rusinko's Thesis

            This category contains information on Harold Printer following Rusinko's thesis. There is a record of his literature and plays after her thesis was printed. She also kept student exams on Harold Printer in these files. Various news paper clippings concerning Harold Printer are also included in the section. A rough copy of Printer's The Room has also been saved by Rusinko and remains in the files.  

Information on Playwrights

            Rusinko kept up with many different playwrights and in doing so left a lot of material on them. There are William Morries Agency prints of Jon Robin Baitz Plays as well as articles on him. Plays by James Bridie and articles are a part of the collection. Also, Rusinko's own essay on James Bridie is also in the file. There are also articles on Phillip Dick and Simon Gray. Several articles on Angels in America and the Rattigan and Shaw are also in this section. Clippings pertaining to Sam Shepard also appear in the collection as well as Rusinko's note cards on plays.  

Box 4


            Thesis: Stratagems of language in the poems and plays of Harold Printer: A study of text, sub-test and conscious sub-text. 1971

            There are several copies of the dissertation in this section of the collection. There is a bibliography, notes and abstracts included. Also her 1969 essay Melodrama - What and Why? is also in the file.  

Box 5

Terrence Rattigan

            Rusinko kept a lot of information on Rattigan over her career leaving a great deal of documents on him. In this collection are correspondence with publishers and the editorial assistant regarding photos and manuscripts on Rusinko's Rattigan article. A manuscript of Rusino's article on Terrance Rattigan is also in the file. There are a few articles on Rattigan by Holly Hill as well as articles concerning British Drama. Other information on Rattigan includes his obituaries, articles from various critics and other biographies. Rusinko kept reviews on the following Rattigan Plays: Winslow boy, The Sleeping Prince, Adventrue Story, Cause of Celebre, Deep Blue Sea, Bequest to the Nation, Separate Tales, Quiet Wedding, Man and Boy, The VIP's, The Girl Who Came to Supper and Uncensored. A theme paper on Rattigan by Darlene Volchansky and Jane Lynn-Jones is also in the section. The script from The Final Test by Rattigan was also saved by Rusinko.

Correspondence with Publishers

            Various letters regarding her articles were kept. They include correspondence from Garland Publishing, Dr. Jan Van Loewen Ltd and World Literature Today. There is correspondence with Kentucky State about her Benn Wolfe Levy and Tome Stoppard Articles. A rough draft from Jane Lynn-Jones is also included in this section.  

Box 6

Tom Stoppard

            Rusinko wrote a great deal about Tom Stoppard and subsequently accumulated information about the playwright. There is correspondence with G.K. Hall and Co., Twayne Publishers and Grove Press regarding her article on Tom Stoppard. Also, many articles by other authors regarding Tom Stoppard are also in this collection. Rusinko kept lists of quotations by Stoppard as well. Many interview clippings on Stoppard also exist within this section. A copy of Stoppard's adaptation of Tango Slowomir Mrozek was also saved in this file.  

British Drama : A Critical History

            This section includes information on Rusinko. Some of the things in this section are letters about awards she was nominated for. Information on organizations she held membership to is also included. More information on her European trips is also in this section. Letters of congratulations on her book and article publishings are also present in the collection. Letters requesting Rusinko to write reviews based on recommendations have also been saved by Rusinko. Applications for released time and reports during her released time are also in this box. Several articles by her have also been added to this file. Finally documents on photograph rights along with the photos are in the category.  

Box 7

British Drama: 1950 to Present

            This box contains information on several playwrights that Rusinko followed throughout her professional career. Bibliography and note cards are in this section along with articles by Rusinko. Articles on Tennessee Williams, Ayckbourn, Beckett, Caryl Churchill, Friel Brown, David Hare, John Mortimer, Frederic Raphael, Tom Stoppard and David Storey by various authors are also listed.  A Copy of David Hare's A Map of the World is in the collection.  

Box 8

Ben Levy Plays

            This section contains the plethora of material Rusinko saved on Ben Levy as well as her own writings. One of the things in this collection is contracts with publishers for her Ben Levy Book. Rusinko kept copies of the following Ben Levy plays: Poet's Heart, Art and Mrs. Bottle, Anniversary or Rebirth of Venus, Clutterbuck, Madame Bovary, How to be Nobody and Tap on the Door. Many of the play copies contain Rusinko's notes written on them. Many articles and biographies on Benn Levy are also in the collection. The collection contains several articles on Levy's plays by various authors. An editor's copy of The Plays of Benn Levy: Between Shaw and Coward written by Rusinko. Documents on photo graphs and their captions for the Benn Levy book are also included.  

Publicity Articles

            This section contains many reviews and other articles on Rusinko's books as well as other correspondence. A copy of the article Playing Joan on Radio and Television by Constance Cummings exists in this section. Many reviews on Rusinko's Levy book as well as cover blurbs for the book are included. Some short articles on The Censorship have also been included in the box. 

Box 9

Joe Orton

            This box contains the varying materials that Rusinko built up on Joe Orton over her career. Several article clippings on Orton by various authors have been saved by Rusinko. Documents on photo rights to several Orton photos, royalty fee agreements and the photo captions exist in the section. Publication information and publisher correspondence have been saved in this section. Many Articles on Orton and biography notes on him are also a part of the collection. There are also several articles on The Farce and a copy of Up against it that Rusinko has saved. Note cards on Orton are also in this collection. 

Shaw and Other Matters

            This section has information on Rusinko's last book. There is an address list of all the authors in the book. Many letters of correspondence with Rusinko between Hindman, Milton, Weintraub, Sparks, Pharand, Markel, and Doyle exist in this section. 

Box 10

Shaw and Other Matters

            This box concludes with more documents on The Shaw and Other Matters. There are copies of Fetschrift in the section. Documents on Reprint permissions and correspondence between Rusinko and contributors are also included. There are also biographies of each contributor to The Shaw and Other Matters. Pamphlets from the 1995 and 1997 Shaw Festivals are also in this box. Letters between Rusinko and publishers regarding the book are included as well. Copies of all the contributor's articles and correspondence with them are in this section. Documents containing blurbs regarding the book cover and contributors are also held in this box. There are several clippings on Weintraub at the end of the box.


Folder Listing

Box 1
Articles/Reviews (10 general folders, 1973-1997)
American Choral Review, 1979
Book Reviews, 1967-1989
Carver, 1997 
Modern Drama, 1973
Nijinsky, 1980
Political/Private Eye, 1985-1991
Readers Guide to Literature in England, 1994-1995
Time Out, Alumni Quarterly, 1983 
Zen and the Art of the Internet, 1992
Correspondence/E-mails (4 general folders, 1973-1997)
Dale Anderson, 1989-1990
Twayne Publishing, 1992
Farleigh Dickinson, 1993-1995
Subject Files
Arts Festival, 1968-1976
"My Poems"
Gift to the Rusinko Collection in Modern Drama, 1993
Photo Permissions, 1990-1993
Political Cartoons and News Clips, 1969-1990
Royalties, etc.
Student Evaluations, 1972-1973
Stratford Festival, 1996
World Literature Today, spring 1995
World Literature Today, winter 1985
Cassette Tape, Rusinko on BBC
Signed copy of Hugh MacDiarmid Selected Poems, c. 1970
Signed copy of Our Friend James Joyce, c.1958

Box 2
Austria, 1968
Soviet Union, 1974-1976
Moscow News, 1974
London, 1974-1983
London, 1983
London, 1986
London, 1987
Plays seen in London, 1987-1988
London, 1988
London (2 folders), 1990 
Theatre Information
Directory of Theatre Research, 1980
Royal Shakespeare Company Passion Play, 1981
Royal Shakespeare Company, 1982
London Theatre Research, 1984-1997
London Theatre Clippings, 1985-1996
London Theatre News, 1991-1995
Newspaper Clippings, 1996-1997
Theatre Clippings, 1997
Granville Barker and the Dream of Theatre
National Theatre on the South Bank
London Schedule, Openings and News, 1996-1997
More London Theatre News, 1996
Information from London Theatre, 1996 
Playbills (4 folders), 1988-1997

Box 3

Information on Harold Pinter after Thesis:
Articles, 1970-1984
Go-Between, 1971
Directing, 1971-1981
Old Times, 1971-1984
Bensky Paris Review, 1966
Betrayal, 1971-1991
Monologue, 1971
Biographies, 1975-1990
Films, 1976-1993
Proust Screenplay, 1977 
Journal Art on Pinter, 1978 
The Collections, 1978
Summer Pinter papers and exams, 1979
No Man's Land, 1980-1994
Hothouse, 1980-1982
Family Voices, 1981
French, It's Woman, 1981
Sketches, 1984
Homecoming, 1984-1991
Other Places, 1984
Dumbwaiter, 1987
Birthday Party, 1988
Mountain Language, 1988-1989
Caretaker, 1992
Moonlight, 1993-1995
Pinter as an actor, 1996
Pinter poems and examinations
Pinter articles, 1990
Bristol Speech
Mr. Shakespeare's Pinter, 1972 (Rusinko paper)
Chekov and Pinter, 1971
Pinter's information for book
Pinter Articles, 1996
Pinter Notes and Poems
The Pinter Review, 1992-1993
Reviews, 1997
Harold Pinter's Spectacle- -The Room, 1974 (Rusinko paper)
Other Playwrights:
Jon Robin Baitz (2 folders), 1988-1993
James Bridie (3 folders), 1939-1950
Michael Darlow, 1983 
Phillip Dick, 1993
Simon Gray (22 folders), 1967-1994
Stephen Grecco
John Guare (5 folders), 1971-1994
Patrick Hemingway, 1982-1985
Tony Kushner, 1992-1993
Rattigan vs. Shaw, 1993-1994
Sam Shepard, 1984-1991
Alexander Sulchovo-Kobylin, 1868
Index cards on various playwrights
Articles on various playwrights, 1988-1993

Box 4
Dissertation (58 folders and 3 oversize)
Thesis: Stratagems of Language in the Poems and Plays of Harold Pinter: A Study of Text, Sub-text, and Conscious Sub-text, 1971

Box 5
Terence Rattigan, 1983
Correspondence with Holly Hill, Kinley Roby and Michael Darlow, 1978-1994
Hill's interview of Rattigan, Darlow's Tribute and Curtis interview, 1957-1977
Holly Hill's Reviews, 1981-1985
Play-op ideas, 1950-1981
Playbill and articles (2 folders), 1992-1996
Rattigan Reviews, 1953-1978
Page Proofs for book
T.C. Worsley- Rattigan and the Critics
The Browning Version (2 folders), 1948-1980
Biographies, 1937-1982
Integer Vitae- Black Forest
First Episode, 1933-1934
Follow My Leader, 1938-1940
After the Dance, 1939
French Without Tears, 1937-1977
Grey Farm, 1940
Flare Path, 1942-1978
While the Sun Shines, 1943-1944
Love in Idleness /O Mistress Mine, 1945-1946
The Winslow Boy, 1946-1981
Who is Sylvia, 1950-1962
The Sleeping Prince, 1953-1983
Adventure Story, 1959-1980
Cause Celebre, 1977-1979
The Deep Blue Sea, 1952-1981
Ross, 1960-1992
Bequest the Nation, 1964-1977
Variation on a Theme, 1958-1983
In Praise of Love, 1973-1989
Separate Tables, 1954-1983
Quiet Wedding, 1938-1941
Man and Boy, 1963-1980
The Day Will Dawn, 1942
Uncensored, 1942
English Without Tears, 1942-1949
Journey Together, 1945
The Way to the Stars, 1945 
Broad Street, 1948
Brighton Rock, 1948-1973
The Final Test, 1951-1954
Sound Barrier, 1952
The Man Who Loved the Redheads, 1954-1955
The Prince and the Showgirl, 1957
Heart to Heart, 1962
Joie de Vivre, 1960
The VIP's, 1963-1968
The Girl Who Came to Supper, 1963
The Yellow Rolls Royce, 1965
Goodbye Mr. Chips, 1969
Lawrence of Arabia, 1974
Asquith Play, 1981
A Tale of Two Cities, 1935
Lord How-How, Dialogue, and Conduct Unbecoming
Term papers on Rattigan, summer 1979
The Final Test- Scripts
First Episode
Correspondence and Reviews, 1982-1997
Correspondence with Kentucky State and Gale Publishers, 1991-1996
Concerning the "Ideas" in the Plays of Terence Rattigan, Jane Lynn-Jones

Box 6
Tom Stoppard, 1986
Ann Wright's biography on Tom Stoppard, 1981
Correspondence/Contract, 1980-1986
Kenneth Tyman interview, 1979
Articles on plays, 1977-1983
Clippings for Biography, 1972-1985
Hayman interview, 1974
Films, 1975-1983 
Dadaists, 1975-1980
Stoppard's political ideas-general and Czech, 1983
Premiere Performances, 1966-1982
Short Stories, 1984
Interviews with Stoppard/articles by Stoppard, 1967-1979
After Magritte, 1970-1983
Albert's Bridge, 1967-1970
Another Moon Called Earth, 1967
Artist Descending a Staircase, 1972
The Dissolution of Dominic Boot and 'M' is for Moon, 1964
Dirty Linen, 1976-1982
Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoots Macbeth, 1971-1979
The Engagement, 1970
Enter a Free Man, 1968-1984
Every Good Boy Deserves Favor, 1977-1979
The Fifteen Minute Hamlet, 1976
The Gamblers, 1965
The House of Bernada Alba, 1973
If You're Glad, I'll be Frank, 1976 
Jumpers, 1972-1985
Lord Malquist and Mr. Moon, 1968-1984
'M' is for Moon Among Other Things, 1964
Neutral Ground, 1968-1984
Night and Day, 1978-1979
On the Razzle, 1981-1982
Professional Foul, 1977
Real Inspector Hound, 1968-1980
The Real Thing, 1982-1985
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, 1966-1982
Rough Crossing, 1984
A Separate Peace, 1966
Squaring the Circle, 1984-1985
Tango, 1966 
Teeth, 1967
Travesties, 1974-1976
Undiscovered Country, 1979

British Drama: 1950 to the Present- A Critical History, 1989
Twayne Publishing Catalog: The Communiqué, 1989
Articles on the book and Rusinko, 1986
Rusinko Nomination, 1989-1990
University Correspondence (2 folders), 1978-1991
Articles (6 folders)
Permissions/Correspondence, 1987-1989
Bibliographies, 1968-1984

Box 7
British Drama: 1950 to the Present- A Critical History, (cont...)
Page Proofs (2 folders), 1988 
Galleys, 1988
Stubs, index cards, notes
Master plots and other articles
Ayckbourn, Alan (2 folders), 1975-1996
Barnes, Peter, 1985-1993
Beckett, Samuel, 1986-1996 
Bennett, Alan, 1986-1992
Bond, Edward, 1978-1996
Bolt, Robert, 1995
Brenton, Howard (see also David Hare), 1985-1987
Brook, Peter, 1995
Churchill, Cary L., 1987-1988
Cubitt, Alan, 1993
Edgar, David, 1977-1987
Frayn, Michael, 1985-1992
Friel, Brian, 1991-1996
Gems, Pam, 1996 
Hampton, Christopher, 1987
Hare, David (2 folders), 1985-1996 
Iconesco, Eugéne, 1994
Irish Theatre, 1987
Johnson, Terry, 1996
Littlewood, Joan, 1984
Lucie, Doug, 1986
McGuiness, Frank, 1992
Mortimer, John, 1972-1995
National Theatre, 1995 
Nichols, Peter, 1974-1989
Osborne, Joan, 1956-1985
Page, Louise, 1987
Pinter, Harold, 1982
Poliakoff, Stephen, 1991
Saunders, James
Raphael, Frederic, 1986-1990
Shaffer, Peter, 1985-1993 
Stoppard, Tom, 1987-1993 
Storey, David, 1973-1992
Ustinov, Peter 
Wesker, Arnold, 1987
Whitemore, Hugh, 1992 
Bibliography Material
Floppy Disks

The Plays of Benn Levy: Between Shaw and Coward, 1994
Publishers, 1992
        The Poets Heart
        Art and Mrs. Bottle
        Anniversary/The Rebirth of Venus
        Madame Bovary
        How to Be Nobody or The Evolution of Mrs. Jones
        A Tap on the Door

Box 8
Benn Levy, (cont...)
Scripts (cont...)
        The Rape of the Belt
        The Curtains are Blowing 
        The Truth about Truth
        The Brave Augusta
        The Auction 
        A Man with Red Hair
        The Tumbler
        The Marriage
        A Seat by the Fire
Benn Levy Papers, 1948-1973
Bios and articles, 1971-1995
Correspondence with Constance Cummings (2 folders), 1980-1996
Art and Mrs. Bottle, 1929
The Church Mouse, 1931
Clutterbuck, 1946
The Devil, 1930
Evergreen, 1930
Cupid and Psyche, 1952
Hollywood Holiday, 1931
If I Were You, 1938 
The Jealous God, 1939
Madame Bovary, 1937
A Man with Red Hair, 1928
Member for Gaza, 1966
Mrs. Moonlight, 1928
Mud and Treacle or The Course of True Love, 1928
The Poet's Heart: A Life of Don Juan, 1937
The Rape of the Belt, 1957
Return to Tyassi, 1950
Young Madame Conti, 1938
Springtime for Henry, 1931
This Woman Business, 1925
Topaze, 1930
The Tumbler, 1960
Profumo, 1963-1964
The Anatomy of the Theatre
The Plays of Benn Levy, Editor's Copy
The Plays of Benn Levy, copy of book
Photo List
Corrected Page Proofs
Levy Publicity, 1994
Press Notices
Promotions, 1993
Blurbs, 1993-1994
Centenary/Levy Session, 1996
"The Position Stated"
"The Censorship"

Box 9
Joe Orton, 1995
Orton News Clippings, 1996
Orton Photos (5 folders), 1995
Permissions (4 folders), 1994-1995
Correspondence - photographs (3 folders), 1995
Reed Consumer Books, 1994 
New York Public Library, 1994-1995
Grove and Casarotto, 1994
Anonymous addresses and phones
Page Proofs
Edited Typescript
Orton Contract/Ruby Correspondence, 1991-1994
Promotions, 1993
Biographies (2 folders), 1967-1986
Articles, 1987
General Articles, 1972-1995
Farce, 1976-1989
Butler, 1969-1993
Up Against It (2 folders), 1967-1989
The Lover, 1990
Crimes of Passion, The Ruffian on the Stair, The Erpengham Camp, 1967
Diaries, 1987
Head to Toe, 1987
Loot, 1968-1993
Servant, 1988
Transati Review, 1967
Prick up your Ears, 1987
Sloane Entertainment, 1965-1995
Until She Screams, 1978
Contemporary Writers (Orton)
"Diary of a Somebody"- based on the Orton Diaries, 1985
Copy of Book

Shaw and Other Matters: 1998
Correspondence (2 folders), 1990-1997
Tsutomu Takahasi, 1994
Joseph Mahoney, 1994-1995
Kathleen Hindman (2 folders), 1996
Milton Wolf, 1995-1997
Rodelle Weintraub, 1995-1997
Julie Sparks, 1994-1997
Kinley Roby, 1997
Michel Pharand, 1994-1997
John Pfeiffer, 1995
Mike Markel, 1995-1997
Kay Li, 1995-1997
Bob Doyle, 1994-1996
Backup Disks (3 small boxes), 1-25

Box 10
Shaw and Other Matters, Cont...
2 copies of festschrift, (2 folders)
Shaw content pages
Shaw Permissions, 1991-1996
Contract and other correspondence, 1996
Contributors, 1997
Shaw Bios
Galley and Proofs
Shaw Festival (2 folders), 1995-1997
Shaw information, 1993-1996
Notes on Shaw's Plays
Correspondence with Publishers, 1997
Notes, Correspondence with Holly Hill, 1997
General Correspondence, 1994-1996
M.D. Allen (2 folders), 1994-1997
Melissa Antinori (2 folders), 1995-1997
Arthur Athanason (2 folders), 1995-1996
Tracy Bitonti (2 folders), 1994-1997
Fred Crawford (4 folders), 1992-1997
Robert Doyle, 1996
Kay Li
Mike Markel
Michel Pharand, 1996
John Pfeiffer, 1996
Kinley Roby (2 folders), 1994-1996
Susan Rusinko
Julie Sparks, 1996
Rodelle Weintraub, 1996
Milton Wolf
Stanley Weintraub Articles/Correspondence (2 folders), 1972-1997


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