Percival R. Roberts III Papers, 1928-1989



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Roberts was born on November 2, 1935 in Newark Delaware. He earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees at the University of Delaware. He attended Illinois State for his PhD. He was Delaware's ninth poet laureate. He wrote seven books of poetry and authored articles on aesthetics and art education. He was one of the founding members of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble's Board of Directors. He was also active with Bloomsburg's Town Beautification Committee. His dedication to art and teaching was evident in his life membership of the National Art Education Association. He became the chairman of the Art department in 1968 at Bloomsburg State College. He succumbed to cancer in 1984 at the age of 48.

Scope and Content

The collection on Dr. Percival Roberts III contains documents from his personal and professional life and an array of books and pamphlets he collected over the years. The first box contains correspondence and other general information on him. The second box contains copies of published poetry. The third box has copies of publication Dr. Roberts contributed to. The fourth box has a collection of pamphlets and books he collected over his life. The fifth box contains poetry booklets.



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Box Summaries

Box 1

General Information

            This box contains general information about Dr. Roberts. Several articles regarding his life and death are included along with a bibliography on his publishing's. There are documents pertaining to his correspondence with Vincent Godfrey Burns and Ruth Hutton Ancker. His correspondence with Olen Bryant concerning pottery classes and a sculpture exhibition are in this section as well. There are also several documents on dedications over his commonwealth service award and on the sculpture garden. Pamphlets on Bloomsburg art exhibitions are also held in this collection. A copy of The Aesthetics of an Apparition exists in the box as well. Documents on Bloomsburg's permanent art collection are contained in this section. 

Box 2

Published Poetry

            This section contains copies of books, pamphlets and Christmas cards where his poetry has been printed. 

Box 3

Publications Contributed to (as editor, Judge...)

            This box contains copies of books where he has made a contribution to the text.  

Book Collection

            This box contains books that Dr. Roberts had collected over his career. Many of them are poetry books.  

Box 4

Pamphlets and Books

            This section has many of the pamphlets and books that Dr. Roberts had obtained over his life. Most of them are poetry newsletters. 

Box 5


            This box contains more poetry booklets.


Folder Listing

Box 1:
Articles on or by Roberts, 1967-1984
General Correspondence, 1969-1970
Olen Bryant Correspondence, 1965-1983
Memorial Sculpture Garden Dedication, 1989
Bloomsburg Art Department: Exhibits and Information, 1973-1989
Artwork of Roberts, 1967-1987
Bloomsburg State College Permanent Art Collection, 1976
"The Aesthetics of an Apparition", 1969
24 Living Art Ideas, 1968
Exemplary Programs in Art Education, 1969

Box 2:
Published Poetry
Centaurian Flight and Other Poems, 1968
Out, Out Brief Candle, 1968
Haiku Highlights and Other Short Poems, 1968: Haiku Hints for the Reader, 3-4
Handbook on Haiku and Other Form Poems, 1970: Haiku Hints for the Reader, 12-13
International Poetry Quarterly, winter 1972: Seasonal Hues, 42
International Poetry Quarterly, fall 1972 (2 copies): Education in Central Park, 23
Olympian, 1972: Thoughts from Inside a Balloon, 6, Et Vera Dicunt, 12 and III, from "Three Poems: Unwritten", 49
Poet, 1969: Epilogue for Eliot, 46-47
Poet, 1971: Eve Again: Tomorrow, 52
Poet, 1972: Foreword, 305 and The Ghetto Scribbler, Forget Hate and Renewal, 334
Poet Lore, 1971: Autumn Afternoon, 259
Profiles of Delaware's Poets Laureate, 1947-1970, 1970
Quaderni di Poesia, 1970: Thoughts on Another Monument to Time, 14
St. Andrew's Review, 1971: Et Vera Dicunt (and the words mean...), 26
St. Andrew's Review, fall-winter 1979: Variation on Catullus' Theme, 87-89 and Love's Diminution, 90
St. Andrew's Review, 1984: Incantation VIII ("Assembling Ancient Thoughts"), 42, Incantation IX ("Only Emotion Endures"), 43 and Incantation X ("Getting IT Down"), 44-45
The American Bard, 1969, 20-21
The Clouds Threw This Light: Contemporary Native American Poetry, 1983
The Human Voice, 1968: Maidenkind, 59
The Human Voice, 1971: Thoughts From A Balloon, 83 and III, from "Three Poems: Unwritten", 87
The Triangle, 1966: Centaurian Flight, 18-19 and Dipping Water in Clasped Hands, 43
The Triangle, 1967: Musgrave's Folly, 14-15 and in twenty-three: A Reply, 55
The Triangle, 1968: Melody for Melinda, 49 and Conversational: For a Mortal Muse, 50-51
Various Poems by Roberts, 1975-1981
Voices International, 1971: Autumn Afternoon, 34-35
Voices International, Spring 1972: Thoughts from a Sand-Filled Well, 21
Voices International, Summer 1972: One Glad Thursday, 28

Box 3:
Publications Contributed to (as editor, judge...)
Cumberland Journal: "Disjointed Fictions", Richard Grayson, winter 1981
Cumberland Journal: "Poetry in the Middle: Notes on Land and Language", Joe Napora, summer 1981
Cumberland Journal: "Magna Mater, works of Robert Lowell and Gary Snyder", Frank Allen, fall 1981
International Poetry Quarterly, summer 1972
Pegasus Poetry Competition, 1971
Prize Poems, 1982
Voices International, spring 1971 (2 copies)
Voices International, fall 1971
Voices International, 1980
Book Collection
Account of a Dash to Ayer's Rock, Cyril E. Goode, 1972
An American Poet Speaks, Vincent Godfrey Burns, 1965
Ballads of the Free State Bird, Vincent Godfrey Burns, 1967
Bittersweet, Mary Blackburn, 1952
Brooks-Bright Prize Essays, 1928
"Cauldron", 1953-1954 
D*Dawn and Other Poems, Margaret McGarvey, 1964
"Gleanings: Prose", 1973
"Gleanings: Poetry", 1973
Golden Memories, George H. Hudson, 1965
Haiku Highlights and Other Short Poems, 1970
Haiti: a l'heure du tiers monde", Gerard de Catalogne, 1966
Itadakimasu, William J. Higginson, 1971
Love and Stuff, Florence Unangst, 1967
"Major Poets", 1971
"Manifold", 1968

Box 4:
Maryland's Revolutionary Hero: the Thrilling Story of Colonel Teuch Tilghman, Vincent Godfrey Burns, 1963 
"Orbit" (2 copies)
    Fall 1968
    Spring 1968 
Poems from "Land of Manna", Menke Katz, 1968
Poet (7 copies)
    June 1968
    March 1969
    April 1969
    May 1969
    May 1972
    June 1972
    November 1972
"Poetry Nippon" (2 copies)
    Fall 1970
    Summer 1970 
"Prattle and Plot", 1973
"Prize Poems" (11 copies)
Shadows and Windy Places, Amey Smyth, 1938
"South and West: An International Literary Quarterly", summer 1969
Strange Heartbeats, Judson Dicks, 1972
"The Book Exchange", March 1970
The Four Tests of a Loyal American, Vincent Godfrey Burns, 1966
The Poet and His Country, Vincent Godfrey Burns, 1963
The Poet and His Ideas, Vincent Godfrey Burns, 1963
The Poet and His Nature, Vincent Godfrey Burns, 1963
"The Triangle", 1962
Vedas in Lyrics, Krishna Srinivas, 1972
"Venture" (2 copies)
Welsh Tract Church and Elder John Green Eubanks, Percy Roberts (father), 1978
Words are Wonderful, Lena Elvina Tripp, 1972

Box 5:
Bark: A Portfolio of Poems and Eye-Poems, 1980 (5 copies)
Laurel Leaves, 1967: Poetry Day, 29
Laurel Leaves, Winter -Spring, 1968: The Golden Rule, 7
Laurel Leaves, summer 1968, 40

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