University Advancement


Informational Subject File,


Box 1:
125th Anniversary, 1964
Artists and Lecturers, 1964
Beta Sigma Delta Raid- Underage Drinking/Student Riot, 1987
Bicentennial, 1974-76
Bloomsburg Foundation, 1970-73
        Andruss Library (2 folders), 1966-73
        Aumiller Plaza, 1979-80
        Bakeless Center, 1970-72
        Carver Hall, 1980-82
        Centennial Gym, 1959-73
        College Store, 1973
        Columbia Residence Hall, 1969-83
                East Hall, West Hall, 1964
                Francis B. Haas Auditorium, Harvey A. Andruss Library, 1967
                Elwell Residence Hall, Hartline Science Center, 1969
                Waller Administration Building, Nelson Field House, Kehr Union, 1973
        Haas Auditorium (2 folders), 1961-80
        Hartline Science Center, 1970-77
        Kehr Union, 1971-90
        Lycoming Residence Hall, 1972-76
        McCormick Center, 1974-85
        Montgomery Place Apartments, 1985-88
        Montour Hall (East), Schuylkill Hall (West), 1964-65
        Old Science, 1987
        Pedestrian Overpass, 1985
        Redman Stadium, 1971-75
        Scranton Commons, 1967-69
        Sutliff Hall, 1959-88
        Waller Administration Building (2 folders), 1968-73
Buildings Survey, 1965-66
Campus Construction Projects, 1968-72
Campus Plan, 1967-69
College Council, 1967-70
Colloquium, 1965-67
Community Activities Budget, 1968-71
Committee on Committees, 1966-67
Construction Projects, 1962-67
Correspondence, 1971-73
Council of Trustees
        Jennifer Adams, 1996
        Elbem H. Alkire, Jr., 1987-95
        James T. Atherton, 1991
        Ramona H. Alley, 1983-85
        Steven Barth, 1998-99
        Richard Bierschmitt, 2001
        William E. Booth, 1972
        Robert W. Buehner, Jr., 1980-87
        Daniel Burkholder, 1975
        Karen Cameron, 1987
        David J. Cope, 1995
        LaRoy Davis, 1980-95
        Joseph Dixon, 1975
        John Dorin, 1983-98
        Dr. Gail Edwards, 1994
        Janis R. Ellis, 1975
        Frank Fay, 1979-85
        Lynda Fedor, 1985
        Tom Gordon, 1980-85
        James R. Gross (2 folders), 1990-94
        John J. Haggerty, 1992-94
        Elton Hunsinger, 1981-85
        Howard B. Johnson, 1992-93
        Joan Keller, 1975-85
        A. William Kelly, 1995-96
        Leo Kubitsky, 1981-88
        Marie Conley Lammando, 1999
        Anna Mae Lehr, 1990-98
        Gerald E. Malinowski, 1983-92
        Joseph Mowad, 1994-96
        John McDaniel, 1993-94
        Joseph Nespoli, 1978-92
        Kevin O'Connor, 1976-92
        David Petrosky, 1995
        Aaron Porter, 1982-85
        Presidents / Chairs List, 1994
        Stanley G. Rakowsky, 1983-94
        Ted Stuban, 1997
        Lucy Szabo, 1979-85
        Dr. Edwin Weisbond, 1972-85
        Richard F. Wesner, 1983-95
        Gail Zurick, 1988-93
        William Zurick, 1979
Crisis Communication Management at Bloomsburg University (2 folders), 1992-93
        Main Report
        Cross Burning
        Black Caucus
        Presidential Letters
        Internal Newsletter
        Communication with Students
                These folders contain press clippings, letters to students, internal correspondence, information that was posted on campus, and a report concerning the University's responses to several crises that occurred between February 1992 and May 1993. Several rapes and assaults were reported on campus and in off-campus apartments. Michael Boykin, husband of the BU police chief, was arrested for allegedly raping a female co-worker. Several racial issues also disrupted campus: two university employees received letters from the Ku Klux Klan; a white male confronted a black female student with racial slurs; a small wooden cross was burned on the steps of Carver Hall; and a university trustee who is black publicly accused the University of racism in the handling of the Michael Boykin case in which both Boykin and the alleged victim were black. In response to the incidents, the University implemented several safety programs including adding emergency call boxes, additional lighting on campus, and a shuttle bus service between the upper and lower campuses.

Department of Public Instruction, 1965-67
Department of Public Relations - Monthly Reports from Boyd Buckingham, Director, 1969-72
Education Related Writings, 1935-57
Eggers, Edwin, Graduate Student, 1983

Box 2:
        Barbara Behr, 1985
        Wendy Lou Elcesser, 1985
        Andrew Emerson, 1984
        Donald Enders, 1968-76
        Ernest Englehardt, 1970-75
Governor's School for the Arts, 1989
G.S.A. Building Insurance, 1969-73
G.S.A Project Status Reports, 1969-73
Hoffman Report - McCormick Years, 1982
Homecoming, 1967
Hopkins, Arthur, Athletic Trainer, 1983-98
Husky Statue, 1984
Inauguration of the G.S.A. Building Projects, 1938
Incidents (3 folders), 1993-94
        Theta Chi - Women's Center Benefit - Sesame Street Block Party
        Michael Boykin
        Safety and Security
        Race Relations
        George Mitchell
        Dr. Saini and Dr. Champoux
        Dr. Qureshi
                These folders contain newspaper clippings that cover several incidents that occurred in 1993 and 1994. Members of the Theta Chi fraternity threw a fundraising party for the Women's Center. The fundraiser turned into a "block party" at the Sesame Street housing complex with students drinking heavily and sliding through the mud. Michael Boykin, a grounds worker and husband of the new BU police chief, was accused of raping a co-worker. He was acquitted, but launched lawsuits on a dozen agencies and individuals claiming that his case was handled with a racial bias. That year, Bloomsburg was terrorized by a serial rapist who was also black. DNA evidence linked Jimmy Lee Lindsey to three Bloomsburg rapes. These folders contain clippings of several other stories of racial tensions, other prejudices, and the steps that the University and community took to promote diversity. George Mitchell was unfairly dismissed from his job as the affirmative action director after allegedly sexually harassing a foreign exchange student. He was rehired and given another position, but sued the university in an attempt to get his old job back. Professors TejBahn Saini, Ronald Champoux, Salim Qureshi, and Mary Ericksen were involved in other lawsuits.

Learning and Research Center, 1970-71
Legislation, 1954-56, 1983
Maintenance and Development Projects, 1985-86
Middle States Evaluation, 1968-69
Middle States Evaluation Team, 1968
Morning Press, 1960-63
Pennsylvania State Education Association, 1958-67
Position Reports, 1969-74
        Francis B. Haas
                Biographical Material, c. 1970
                Correspondence, 1934-1935
                Presentation of Portrait, 1971
        Harvey A. Andruss
                Biographical Material, c. 1967-69
                Campus Development Plan Presentations, 1958
                General (4 folders), 1953-56, 1962-70
                Press Releases, 1961-75
        Robert Nossen
                Athletic Department, 1971
                Controversy, 1969-72
                Correspondence, 1969-72
                Inauguration (2 folders), 1969-70
                Press Materials, 1969-72, 1997
                Speeches, 1970-72
                Vitae, 1972
        James McCormick
                Athletics, 1973-77
                General, 1973-85
                Press Clippings, 1973-89
                Press Releases, 1973-84
                Resume, 1974-78
                Speeches, 1974-88
                Swearing In Ceremony, 1973
        Larry Jones, 1983-90
        Harry Ausprich
                Correspondence, 1985-93
                Inauguration, 1986
                Presidential Stationary, c. 1986
                Press Clippings, 1985-93
                Press Releases, 1985-93

Box 3:
                Resume, 1985-93
                Speeches, 1985-91
        Curtis English
                Correspondence, 1993
                Interim President Reception, 1993
                Opening Day Speech, 1993
                Presidential Search, 1993
                President's Statement: 1994-1995 Operating Budget, 1993
                Press Materials, 1993, 1999
                Resume, 1993
        Jessica Kozloff
                Inauguration, 1994-95
                Press Materials, 1994-2000
                Resume/Biographical Information, 1993-99
                Welcome Reception, 1994
Principals and Presidents of BSC, c. 1970
Regional Economic Seminar, 1967
Robert B. Redman Memorial Trophy (Class of 1950), 1961
Sesquicentennial Celebration Clippings, 1989
Drs. Skehan and Porter, 1970
William Boyd Sutliff - Presentation of Portrait, 1960
Desmond Tutu - Commencement Speech Press Clippings, 1996
Two Decades of Development (1955-1975), 1966
Vice-President and Dean of Faculties, Dr. John A. Hoch, 1964-72

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