Sutliff Hall

The south side of Sutliff Hall in the early 1960s.

Construction began on Sutliff  Hall during the summer of 1958, when open space near Centennial Gym and land occupied by a tennis court were excavated to begin work on the first new collegiate classroom building in 50 years.  Both Ben Franklin and Navy Halls were built in the 1930s, but their original use was for elementary and junior high school students.  Opening in 1960, Sutliff Hall contained fourteen classrooms and numerous faculty offices, and housed labs for chemistry, physics, botany, zoology, the physical and biological sciences, and geography on the first floor.  These labs were moved to Sutliff from Science Hall, and most of them moved again to the Hartline Science Center when it opened in 1969.  The second floor contained eight specialized classrooms for instruction in business education. By the 1980s the entire building was turned over to the College of Business for classroom and office space, and it was renovated in 1987.  Sutliff Hall was named for William Boyd Sutliff, an 1891 graduate of the Bloomsburg State Normal School, longtime professor of mathematics, and the first Dean of Instruction at the school, now the position of Provost.

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