College Commons

The College Commons in 1965.

Built in 1956 for $450,000, this dining hall that opened in March of 1957 accommodated 650 students with tables seating up to six. It replaced the dining room in Waller Hall, which had served the school since 1876.  Along with oak paneling the Commons had a glass wall on the south side to create a light and airy atmosphere, and was a pleasant place for meals. The building when opened was furnished with the latest food handling equipment and boasted a modern tiled kitchen.  It was needed to feed a growing student population, but within 10 years the college had outgrown it as well and the Scranton Commons was constructed.  After it opened in 1970 the old commons was remodeled as a temporary student union, which it served as for three years until the Kehr Union was completed.  Ever since being remodeled in 1974 the building has been used for the University Bookstore, and also houses the campus mailroom, campus police, and an experimental theater for student performances.

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