Ben Franklin Laboratory School

The east side of Ben Franklin in 1956.

Built in 1930 as the Campus Laboratory School, Ben Franklin was used as student teaching facilities with observation and demonstration rooms for kindergarten through sixth grade, which also included a special education class. Named for Benjamin Franklin, it is one of only two buildings on campus named for individuals without an institutional, county, or town of Bloomsburg connection, the other current building being the Scranton Commons. After the laboratory school closed in 1967 Ben Franklin was used for classroom space and to house administrative offices such as Admissions and the Registrar; student services including academic advisement, counseling and human development, financial aid, and orientation.  It also held the campus' computing services and mainframe computer.  After a complete renovation that was completed in the spring of 2008, the building continues to house the Office of Technology on the first floor, and now the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics as well on the second.

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