Dr. Jessica S. Kozloff 1994-2007

On July 1, 1994 Dr. Jessica Sledge Kozloff became the 17th person to head Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining Bloomsburg, Dr. Kozloff served as vice president for academic and student affairs for the State Colleges of Colorado, a system of four regional campuses serving 26,000 students. She earned a bachelor's degree in education at the University of Nevada-Reno, where she also completed her master's degree in political science. Dr. Kozloff earned her PhD in political science from Colorado State University.

Before working for the State Colleges of Colorado Dr. Kozloff held several administrative positions at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. She has taught undergraduate courses in political science at the University of Nevada-Reno, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, the University of Northern Colorado, and Metropolitan State College in Denver, and was a member of the graduate faculty at the University of Northern Colorado.

Dr. Kozloff's focus when coming to Bloomsburg in 1994 was to help the University further grow, expand, and meet the educational needs of its students.  The improvement of campus facilities was one of her priorities, and near the end of her first year in March 1995 the Campus Recreation Center was dedicated and available for student use.  But the most important achievement in this area was the completion and dedication in 1998 of the new University library, a facility that was badly needed and enhanced Bloomsburg's standing in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.  Among the many other projects during her tenure were additions onto Centennial Gym (now Centennial Hall), the Hartline Science Center, and the McCormick Student Services Center; remodeling of the Scranton Commons, Navy Hall, and Ben Franklin; converting the former library building into a student services center; construction of the Mt. Olympus Apartments and parking lots, athletic fields, and tennis courts on the upper campus; and finally in the fall of 2007 renewed campus green space was added with the new Academic Quad between Andruss Library and the Warren Student Services Center.  Helping these ambitious projects were fundraising efforts that resulted in many millions of dollars being donated to the University.

Students benefited not only from new and improved facilities but also from an expanded and increasingly accredited curriculum, including a new program in electrical engineering and especially the accreditation of the College of Business in 2004 by the AACSB.  Student safety was a major priority, which involved both alcohol prevention and awareness as well as fire safety.  Twice during her time at Bloomsburg, in October of 1994 and again in March of 2000, student lives were lost to off-campus fires.  No effort was spared on educating students on protecting themselves from fires, and every dorm room was equipped with sprinklers to prevent a similar tragedy on campus.  Dr. Kozloff and her husband further contributed to student opportunities by creating an endowed scholarship to facilitate undergraduate research.

The University enjoyed one of its longest sustained periods of success in terms of athletics during Dr. Kozloff's term. The women's field hockey team won a total of nine NCAA Division II championships under Jan Hutchinson, and highly competitive teams with numerous trips to the post-season were fielded in softball, football, men's and women's basketball, wrestling and virtually every other sport Bloomsburg sponsors. The University did not limit itself to only academic excellence, which was demonstrated in all areas of student endeavor.

Enrollment also increased, from 7277 total students in the fall of 1994 to 8745 in 2007, and the growth in business, instructional and interactive technologies and other in-demand fields helped to further this expansion. Before her arrival Bloomsburg University had come a long way since moving to its current location in 1867, and Dr. Kozloff helped to continue this growth and position the University to continue its success and accomplishments long into the current century.  At the end of 2007 she became only the third Bloomsburg president to retire from office, and she and her husband Dr. Steven Kozloff moved to Arizona to be near their children and grandchildren.

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