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The tower on Carver Hall.

    The origin of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania dates back to 1839 with its founding as an academy. In 1856 the Bloomsburg Literary Institute was chartered, but in 1866 after the school struggled during the Civil War the charter was revived and an established educator from New York, Henry Carver, was hired to be its principal.  Three years later in February, 1869 Bloomsburg was established as a state normal school.  Henry Carver was the first person to head the Bloomsburg Literary Institute and State Normal School, and he has been followed by 17 individuals in this office.  When the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania purchased the school in 1916 it officially became Bloomsburg State Normal School, and in 1927 Bloomsburg State Teachers College.  With the addition of four year programs and the change to college status the principal became a president, the first being Francis B. Haas.  In 1960 the 'teachers' was dropped from the name of the school with the advent of graduate degrees, and finally in 1983 Bloomsburg reached university status with the formation of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

    Through all the changes over the years the people in charge have had a great deal to do with the direction the school has taken and its success, and it is to them that this gallery is dedicated as a record of their many accomplishments.

Created by Robert Dunkelberger, Bloomsburg University Archivist.


Each photograph is a link to the history of the school during the listed years.

The Normal School Principals, 1866-1927

Henry Carver, 1866-1871
Charles G. Barkley, 1871-1872
Rev. John R. Hewitt, 1872-1873
Dr. T. L. Griswold, 1873-1877
Dr. David J. Waller, 1877-1890, 1906-1920
Dr. Judson P. Welsh, 1890-1906
Dr. Charles H. Fisher, 1920-1923
Dr. G. C. L. Riemer, 1923-1927

The College and University Presidents, 1927-

Dr. Francis B. Haas, 1927-1939
Dr. Harvey A. Andruss, 1939-1969
Dr. Robert J. Nossen, 1969-1972
Dr. Charles H. Carlson, 1972-1973
Dr. James H. McCormick, 1973-1983
Dr. Larry W. Jones, 1983-1985
Dr. Harry Ausprich, 1985-1993
Dr. Curtis R. English, 1993-1994
Dr. Jessica S. Kozloff, 1994-2007


Our Current President

Dr. David L. Soltz, 2008-

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