Dr. Charles H. Carlson 1972-1973

Dr. Carlson in 1986 while serving as Asst. Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Charles H. Carlson is a native of Kingsburg, CA, and received a BA in music from San Jose State College, as well as serving two years in Japan and Korea with the U.S. Army. He earned an MA and PhD in Education from Columbia University, teaching there two years before coming to Bloomsburg as an Associate Professor of Music in 1959. During his seven years in the department he became a full professor, Chairman, and director of the Maroon & Gold and Studio bands. In 1966 he began his career in administration as assistant director of Graduate Studies, and by 1970 had became Dean and Director of Research Activities.

When Robert Nossen resigned as President of Bloomsburg State College Dr. Carlson was named acting president by then Governor Milton J. Shapp. He was sworn in at a ceremony in Carver Hall by Dr. John Pittenger, Pennsylvania Secretary of Education, on August 31, 1972. Although no great changes occurred during his one year as president, this time did see the completion of several building projects on campus, when the Waller Administration Building, Kehr Union, and Nelson Field House were all dedicated on May 5, 1973.

Following the appointment of James McCormick as president, Dr. Carlson took a year sabbatical and then returned as Dean of the Graduate School. He became Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs in 1983 and remained in that position until his retirement on December 27, 1991 after 32 years of service. Dr. Carlson still lives in Bloomsburg in sight of Carver Hall, and was recently elected chair of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Library Association (FOBUL) for the University's Harvey A. Andruss Library.

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